Dark Carnage

not all questions can be answered

Cherry sat in the midst of her friends who where chatting, she really didn pay attention to the discussion because her mind was way too busy, she simply just sipped her banana smoothie as she got herself way too busy in her head. She was only a 10th grader but had derived a lot of popularity through the school paper, she wrote stories and hot gossips that interested anyone and everyone in school, now she was unto her next big story, the questions everyones been asking, ”whats up with Troy Rivers? ”

She perked up as she saw Troy walking into the dinning hall. He was surprisingly good looking even with his pale skin. His eyes were crystal blue and every ray of light that happened to touch it seemed to bounce back, his ruffled dark hair fell over one of his eyes and his well built body seemed to seemed to get the attention of every girl and every one of them wanted to get a sneak peak of what lays underneath his shirt.

Troy was always alone but he had somehow managed to get so much popularity that even the middle school kids knew of him. As a 12th grader he was the captain of the schools soccer team due to his astonishing physical abilities. One may wonder how he even related with his teammates because he never mingled with anyone, for some reason there was always a cloud of mystery surroundings him.

He slowly walked up to his seat, one that no one dared to draw near. His meal seemed really simple and Cherry observed him as he chewed slowly. Cherry took a deep breath as she but her phone on its recorder.

”its now or never ” she told herself as she walked towards him. She could swear that if anyone stood 3ft close to her they would hear her heart thumping, her hands had already started getting sweaty but she summoned up the courage to sit at Troys table without his permission, she didn look up because she was scared to see the expression on his face.

”Okay Cherry, be brave for once ”, she told herself as she motivated herself to look up and once she did, was met by the gaze of deep blue eyes, he didn seem to have a mood, not happy, not sad not angry. He just stared at her as he continued slowly chewing his food.

”Mr Rivers ”, she said with a shaky voice.

” Don call me that it makes me seem older than I am ”, his voice seemed both intense and sexy that it could make a womans heart melt instantly. He gave her a slight smirk that almost caused her to jump off her feet .

”I need to ask you for a favour ”

”Since when did people start asking me for favours miss Keller ”, he was finishing up on his food and was getting ready to leave, Cherry had to talk fast.

”its important… ”

Troy stood up without letting her complete her sentence leaving a trail of a toxic yet soothing cologne behind him. Cherry didn expect him to turn back but he did.

”You have some guts Cherry, theres a reason why people don talk to me and I advice you not to either, but again, its your choice ”

Cherry gave a huge huff as she watched him leave the dining hall.

”I must get that interview no matter what ”, she said to herself as she walked back to her table.


School had closed and Cherry was obviously in a haste as she was the first to leave her class room. She ran through the hall which had not yet been crowded by students but would soon be within a matter of seconds, she headed to the 12th grade classes, she has important business to do there. She gazed into the corridor that had been filled up with 12th graders searching for someone but couldn find the person, her eyes kept moving from left to right frantically searching but to no avail, she decided to walk away until a bright idea suddenly hit her, ”check the classes ”. She rushed over to class 12 A which was empty, she walked over to the second 12th grade class and prayed in her head that it wouldn be empty. Once she got there she gazed through the window door and gave a sigh of relief as she saw the person she was looking for at the corner of the class, she hadn been so happy to see anyone in her life.

Troy seemed to be reading a book but started packing up when the home run teacher came in and asked him to leave the class room. he didn use a back pack, he used a light brief case which made him seem more mature. He slowly walked out of the class room and had taken about 15 steps away from the door when he paused.

”Don think I didn see you there miss Keller ”, he said as he continued walking, at this point the hallway was completely empty and Cherry could proudly follow him without risking shame.

”Mr Rivers… ” she said as she desperately followed him but he didn stop walking.

”I have a paper to write and I want to interview you, its title is the secrets of the lone wolf and you
e the subject ”. She was still following him when all of a sudden, almost at the speed of light, she found herself getting swooped off her feet and being pinned to the wall, she stared at him blankly and blinked her eyes in astonishment because she hadn even noticed him moving . his deep eyes stared at her and caused her heart to start thumping again. His face was so close that she could smell his breath which was surprisingly girly for for a boy, how could his breath smell like strawberry, his gaze seemed like it could tear a hole into her soul then rip it to shreds, she tried wiggling herself out of his grip but his firm hand held her still, he gave a smile that struck fear into her heart.

”I don like being called Mr Rivers, Miss Keller ”

”well don call me Miss Keller ”

He chuckled and even his chuckle seemed terrifying.

”if you really want that interview then come over to my place so we could discuss it over strawberry tea and donuts ”, he said as he let her go and walked away without waiting for a reply.

Cherry gave a smile of victory as soon as he disappeared from the hallway.

”Hmmmm….he drinks strawberry tea, no wonder his breath smells like strawberry ”, she said to herself as she began walking out of the school.

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