Golden crocodile entre room to check his cultivation progress of his only heir who wearing the golden rope on which phoenix was draw and reading the book. After seeing the coming person, Chen Yang speak teacher Golden crocodile speak why do not you practiced the cultivation that I give you but only just reading books, I just ask the staff that you did not practice from more than 4 days in the row for more than 4 hour.

Teacher I actually want to practice but i can not abled to do so, how much i try to cultivate but i just get a bottleneck that i did not able to solve, I wasting my time in it I started to read books that you given me and I just finish my homework that you last time give me, I think I reach the peak of first level according to what you ask for, Golden crocodile stare him with wide eye after that he speak in heart ok , I know your comprehension ability was great but I accepted up to three months that you can able to reach the peak of the first level but I did not except from you to reach in just less then 1 month time after practicing it. Because myself take a year to complete it because it very hard to comprehension. Now he speak ok first you sit down and show me your cultivation then lets test your physical endurance to see how much powerful soul ring you can absorbed.

He sit down and show his cultivation progress after seeing it Golden Crocodile(G.C) smile in heart and said it was in deed the peak of first level good brat. After he completed it G.C speak now prepared yourself let see how much you improve your self (body) in a month by use all the resources provided by me.

After he prepared G.C speak I was starting and he slowly given the pressure with soul power and Chen Yang(C.Y) easy adapted in it, now slowly slowly the G.C started to increased the soul pressure from rank 1 to two, then three and so on up to ten rank where he did not see a single drop of sweat on the forehead of C.Y and he smile in the heart because any soul master that able to withstand the same soul power as which rank he was it was the definition of the genius in the world of soul master and his heir was also one of them and now let see where is your limit and G.C continue to increase his soul power at rank 11 at this time sweat drop was started to form on the head of C.Y but after that nothing unusual happen so, G.C continue increase his soul pressure to rank 12,13,14,15,16 at which his C.Y forehead cover with sweat and he was about to fall on then ground. So, G.C stop his soul pressure and support him with soul power after C.Y stabilized himself he eyes only looking at G.C for comment. G.C smile and patted on his shoulder and say your improvement was excellent I impress by it, but work hard I want more from you but now lets decide your soul ring age and soul beast that be your 1 soul ring. Chen Yang speak teacher how much soul pressure I am able to handle G.C speak up to rank 16 means you can use up to 600-650 year soul beast for your first soul ring, now lets decide what soul beast you want as your first soul beast teacher I studied the books and named as first they have to be a fire element beast and my first choice was phoenix second was flame lion and then flame and if we can not find fire related soul beast then we can go for poison element soul beast , Good as accepted from my heir but you do not have to worry about it you can just decide your first choice with your teacher strength only some people and soul beast dare to fight ,and for your first soul beast teacher already decided it , It was in the Wuhan forest let go.

After sometime both directly come to the forest without anyone noticed them, and G.C first released his soul power after just 10 second he again take C.Y towards the mountains in distance where both landed after which G.C entre in the cave just after minute, he come back with Golden Phoenix who was half dead then say to C.Y we have to find other spirit beast his age was beyond the age that we decided his age was 730-740 years which was more then hundred year old that we decided but it was also your most suitable soul beast that we can find in this forest. Now decision is your, you have to decide it we can also go to star duo forest for checking but it may waste your some time of cultivation on searching them. C.Y says without second he was my first soul ring and move towards him with dagger in his hand after seeing it G.C smile he know his heir best that why he speak like this we he can attach this soul ring it was help him to save the time of year of cultivation and increased his soul power with great amount and if he fail any place G.C stop it without his any paying the cost ,so he just try to scare him to check his choice, And he impress by it.

After take out the dagger from the soul ring Chen Yang move forward and make the shot on his neck where it was its weak spot and kill it after a dark yellow color ring come out from it with seven dark mark on it. C.Y seat crossed legs and started to cultivated because he already read in the books about how to absorbed the soul ring and started to absorbed it.

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