”These dresses are so expensive M, why don we go to the thrift store or something, I mean I know you
e a model and all but 10 000 dollars for a dress is too much. ” Amy Complained, ”Girl, theres no way Ill wear cheap things to such a party, Im May Robinson and I deserve nothing but the best so lets go on and don worry Im paying. ” Having no other choice Amy followed May and tried hard not to faint from seeing the amount of money May spent on clothing. I never get rich people

After shopping for clothes, they went to the spa for a relaxing massage

”May? ” Amy called ”hmn ” May replied flatly ” Do you have any idea who the lucky girl might be during the party? ”

”Well, honestly speaking no but Im sure theyll chose someone beautiful and rich so we have to look our best, aside from that, did anything interesting happen while I was away? ” May tried directing Amys thoughts from who Brandon might chose to be his wife but only so she could cover up her tracks. ” Well the only interesting thing I recall happening was me chasing after a thief and nearly getting hit by a motorbike but luckily a nice guy saved me just in time. ” Amy recalled the events of that day ”ooh, was he cute, huh? ” May asked enthusiastically ”Yeah he was but oh well, I don know him and the chances of us meeting again are very slim, ”

”Don worry bestie miracles happen, anyways Im hungry ” May pouted while draging Amy towards the nearest restaurant at the mall

Both of them were so involved in their eating that they didn notice two pairs of eyes staring at them, mainly at Amy. ”oh wow Alex, I knew youd be able to help me find her unlike my selfish brother , shes beautiful right? ” Josh asked, eyes shining like stars. ”Yeah yeah, I know Im awesome. So are you just gonna sit here like a lovesick puppy or are you gonna go talk to this beautiful lady? ” Alex replied narcissistically ”Meh, Im okay just looking at her today I don wanna scare her so Ill plan our next meet up. ” Josh answered staring at Amy lovingly.



May and I left the restaurant after downing mountains for my house. I still can believe Ill be going to such a fancy party and I must admit no matter how scary it is dads words made me have belief in myself but even if I do get chosen how am I going to marry a stranger all because of money and not love? Well I can let that beautiful dress go to waste so le_ ”Earth to Amy, ” May pulled me out of my trance as her eyes were focused on the road ahead of her. ”Oh sorry, what were you saying? ”

”What were you even thinking of–nevermind, I was telling you about this guy I met at one of the shoots, we exchanged numbers and well go on a date soon, ” May began ”Wow good for you M ” I answered flatly as my mind was already occupied with thoughts of the party. Noticing my lack of interest in the conversation May kept quiet the rest of the ride until I got home.

I immediately went to my room and lay down due to the exhaustion I felt from walking around the whole day

Mom, dad, whoever you are and wherever you are will you be proud of me? I hope you give me the courage to attend that party without feeling intimidated by the upper-class women wholl be there I thought to myself as tears rolled down my cheeks before I fell asleep hugging my stuffed animal, the only thing I had on me when dad found me and probably the only item I have that my biological parents might have given to me.

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