out aswell for these fugetives for harming our Prince ”

”Aye ” said the king standing up, ”We best get going now, ”weve been getting reports of Minotaurs being spotted inside the villages of Dorne ”

”Hmmm ” Hyde was thinking, ”Something must have attracted them to those villages. Minotaurs won just blindly travel to places unless something got their attention. They not some braindead monsters my King ”

”Ill take that into account ” the king said, and just like that the Dornish were gone back in Dorne.

”What now father? ” Daerason asked.

”I have a few ideas ” said the king, ”I never thought Id use them but if we cannot go beyond the wall, maybe those Birds can ”


King Dorian appeared in the streets of Dorne walking with his son in blade robes and no armour. The villagers were in unrest, they ran like there was something chasing them. The Dornish men ran to where the villagers fled from with their weapons.

”What is going on? ” The king paused and asked one of his men.

”Those damn minotaurs my king ” he replied. Before the king could say anything back, a minotaurs appeared of roof of the house they stood next and eyed them growling.

”Its an invasion ” the king said softly looking at the monster. ”Send men to defend the gates. Ill out clean the ones that already entered. ”

The knight agreed then ran to the gate.

The king stood his ground as the minotaur descended from the roof and charged straight at him. With a wave of his hand, Dorians black magic dust materialized and knocked the beast through a brick house. Dorian walked up to it after picking a sword on the ground and stabbed it in the chest.

The king saw more from a distance then went straight for them holding his bloody sword. The king jumped on a minotaurs back and buried his blade in its nape and let in collapse while still on its back.

”The king is back! ” The men cried when they saw him.

”Evacuate the people to my kingdom ” ordered the king, ”its safer there ”

The Dornish men nodded then fled, leaving the king with a horde of minotaurs. Dorian jumped on a roof top and found one of the monsters lurking there. The king jumped at it and buried his blade on its face then fell on the ground with its corpse. Dorian staggered to his feet then found another one in his path.

Before he could act another minotaurs appeared from his blindspot knocking the king away with its horns. Dorian crashes into a brick house then shook his head in disbelief. The two minotaur charged straight at him. Dorians magic dust appear materializing as giant rods. The king waved his hand then the rods struck both monsters down, then he recovered to his feet.

Dorian found himself surrounded by the minotaurs. They roared then went straight for him. His magic dust surrounded him and covered him into a coccoon then seconds later it expanded into long spikes that shot through all the minotaurs around him. The king wiped the blood from his shoulder then went ahead.

He found one of his men outnumbered by three of the beasts then went to aid him, grabbing one of the beasts with his dust and crushing it. The king took out the second one with his dust and the knight stabbed through the third.

”Thank you my Leige ” he said. He ran off to battle, so did the king.

Dorian ran through the streets and finding less villagers. They are evacuating. Good he thought.

He found a minotaur holding one of his Dornishment by the neck and killed him infront of him. Dorian stood there and watched, another one appeared behind the king.

He watched it with the corner of his eye. His black magic dust manifested around him ready to attack.

The minotaurs flung the body of the knight away then charged at the king, so did the one behind him. Dorian started with the one on his path and jumped on its face kicking it, then landed on the second one behind him burying his sword in its face, killing it.

He rolled to his feet and the minotaur he had kicked went for him. His dust took care of it covering its face. The king closed his palm crushing its head completely.

He found Karl Smit pulling is blade from a lifeless minotaur corpse. ”That has to be the last of them ”

”Seems that way ” Daerason appeared panting next to Karl.

”Sweep the city ” said the king, ”if you find one kill it ”. Karl nodded then went to the rest of the Dornish men passing the message.

”This wont be their first and last attempt father ” the prince adviced.

”I think so too ” said the king, ”i think theyve lived in Dorne long enough. ” He called Karl back then announced, ”Well attack from the source or this wont end ”

”You want us to go to No Mans Land? ” Karl asked. The king nodded and said, ”According to Lord Rickard Hyde something attracted them here, and i doubt theyll stop coming and disrupt our peace. I cannot have that, as king i must protect this land. No matter the cost. ”

Karl nodded then fell on one knee, ”I am yours to command ”

”I trust my men are still in good numbers ” said the king, ”gather them up. We leave at once. ”


The king, the prince and Karl Smit led the men into No Mans Land, leaving half of their army to defend the kingdom in their absence.

When the men reached the entrance of No Mans Land they charged in like animals, roaring loudly. The king was in the crashing down with his black dust at the minotaurs like a meteor.

A kick start thought the prince as he charged into battle with the men.

Everything was happening so fast, Daerason sliced through every monster he saw, This is for my men he thought, remembering how they had been ambushed near No Mans Land in the Forgotten Forest.

He showed them no mercy, teleporting and killing. The atmosphere was unpleasant, War he thought.

He could only hear the sounds of screams, roars and cries. The dusted clouded the princes vision but he still had stamina left. The minotaurs just kept coming.

Distracted in a fight, the prince got knocked from behind and stumbled on the floor. Two minotaur ganged up on him. Daerason appeared behind them and sliced through him with his new blade he had gotten made of crystals and diamonds. He sliced a minotaurs arm off then went to the next.

He was panting, but the battle seemed to be in their favour. The Dornish men were overpowering the beasts. He stood there trying to catch his breath then found Dorian aiming at him with a spear made of magic dust.

You got to be kidding me father thought the prince as he ducked under the spear. When Daerason looked he found the spear going through minotaur that was sneaking from behind him. That should come with a warning label next time.

Daerason got his wind back and vanished back into action. He appeared slicing through one of them then went for the other killing it instantly. He found a group then went for them but the king was faster. His black magic dust already crushed them all in one move then Dorian descended down infront of Daerason.

”I had them ” he said.

”No you didnt ” the king passed him.

”After a long battle it was over with the Dornish emerging victorious.

”I never thought we might go to war with these creatures ” said Karl Smit.

”Me neither. But they were asking for it ” said Daerason.

Karl nodded.

”Burn the bodies of the dead minotaurs ” said the king, ”well bury our dead at home ”

”Aye my king, ” a knight said then ran off.

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