time ago. ”

Balon noticed that about Diego, that she didnt have nature powers like himself or Altar.

”Do you know why that is? ” Aquarius asked, ”Normally we inherit our nature powers from our parents genes, but when you
e a Pnevma its different. The nature powers you
e supposed to inherit gets cancelled out and replaced with powers partly from the Black Spirits itself. Strangely enough though apparently out of all ten spirits only one doesnt carry that flaw which is the Spirit Ginger. My grandma can freely use water and ice powers….. ” she scratched her head, ”in any case if you cant use your powers yet it probably means you haven quite….worked things out with your roommate ” she looked at her, ”have you? ”

Balon looked at Diego who shook her head.

”Well i strongly recommend that you make friends with her ” said the little girl


That night Diego was in her room. She couldn sleep, she kept thinking about what Aquarius had told her that morning. Deep down she knew what the girl said was right, she was powerless and the only way to fix that was to try to get along with the Black Spirit inside of her.

Diego Reed had her doubts about Aquariuss idea of talking to the Spirit, but then she thought of Altar Cleos who was injured because of her. Ever since Altar was immobile, shed been blaming herself for it. Altar had almost died because of her and that made her feel really sad, so she pushed herself to learn how to fight.

I should be able to protect him aswell thought the Princess, i have to.

The little girls words rang in her head, that hand to hand combat alone would only bring her so far. She let out a sigh and closed her eyes, leaning on her pillow.

When she opened her eyes she was in a dark room with shallow water at her feet. She got out of the room and walked into the dark empty hallway, he feet splashing on the water with every step.

She went into the Spirits room then stood at the door looking at her. Diego paused then walked inside and faced the blue woman who lifted her head, their eyes met.

The blue woman smiled, ”Its been a busy week for you my little peach….and youve made new friends. So what are you doing here. ”

”This is my body, i can go whereever i want ” said Diego, ”and you
e the guest here ”

”Fair enough, Your Highness ” said the woman.

”I came to talk to you ” said Diego. She was very blunt and straightforward to the Spirit and did not want to entertain her in anyway, because Diego knew its personality.

”Then talk ” said the Spirit.

Diego knew that shed never be friends with her Black Spirit because of the way she was, but atleast she could try to come to an agreement with her about something.

”I want us to work together ” Diego said with an expressionless face, ”thats the only way that we
e going to survive together ”

”You mean thats the only way that you
e going to survive ” said the woman, ”i dont need to work with a weakling like you. ”

Diego said nothing, I knew it. Shes hopeless

Diego looked at her, ”Im in this mess because of you so the least you can do is cooperate with me! ” she got furious.

”So you
e blaming me now? ” The Black Spirit looked at her blankly.

”Yes, as a matter of fact i do ” said Diego, ”my depressed childhood, my abduction, Dorne, King Dornian….the Dornish….they all happened because you are inside me! ”

”Dont play the victim here, whos the one in chains here? ” The Spirit wasn smiling anynore.

Diego saw the womans shackles over her limbs and neck.

”You think i chose this? ” The blue woman rose to her feet for the first time in a while, ”You think i like being in here, in this useless body of yours? This lifetime of a prison? You
e just like the rest of them, you disgust me! ”

She got closer to Diego, ”You think everything is about you, that the world revolves around you? Talking about how hard your life has been because of me….do you know how hard mine has been because of you? Because of all of you humans! ”

Diego has never seen the Spirit this angry before, theyve never spoke this much before, they never even spoke about how they felt.

”But you were going to destroy Great City of Theronia if you weren stopped and sealed inside of me ” Diego said ”

”Correct ” said the woman, ”then i was going to take the next city until you wretched humans are wiped out! ”

”Humans…. ” Diego echoed softly, ”what did we humans do to you that was so bad? Why do you hate us so much? ”

”Because humans are a virus to the world ” said the Spirit, ”an error that needs correction by extinction. ”

There was a silence and the Spirits face was almost touching Diegos. Her red eyes never left her for a moment. Diego didnt move, they stared at eachother.

”So you
e not going to help me ” Diego said. She turned her back at her to leave then she paused and said, ”Im sorry for what you went through. I didnt know. ”

The Spirit kept her silence. Diego said, ”But you
e wrong about humans, we
e not the same. I know this because….I dont hate you. I dont see you as a monster, I see you as just misunderstood. ”

With those last words Diego left the Spirits company.


Red Mary and her gang of criminals had already broken into the Temple of Kurai in Krest. The masked man had given them an accurate map of the temple and the package that they were supposed to deliver to him, but it was not easy.

”Well Ill be damned, there it is ” Logan gasped.

Gage had taken care of all the guards that protected the temple, they didnt stand a chance against him.

”I was starting to think this thing doesn exist ” Logan said.

They had found the room where the package was held in, the room looked sacred.

The four Rogues approached the package which was a spear, carefully placed alone with ancient decorations around it. Mary approached the spear gasping, it was the most beautiful thing shed ever seen, a black spear with purple raw energy licking around it like smoke.

Gage held the door shut and Taurus looked at the piece of paper that had the package sketch drawn on it. ”This is it…. ” he said softly, also amazed at the spears beauty.

”Thats…thats the Legendary Spear of Kurai ” Logan said.

”Legendary what? ” Taurus said.

”The Spear used by the Ancient warrior Kurai ” said Logan, ”she was the only human that fought againt a Black Spirit and won, she triumphed with this Spear and and sealed some of its power within it. ”

”That doesn matter now does it ” said Mary her brother, ”we
e stealing this. Besides, this is what we do. ”

e here ” Gage said.

The guards started banging on their door and calling eachother. ”They
e in the [email protected]

Mary grabbed the spear and wrapped a cloth around it then put it in her back. She then went for the door and told Gage to stand back. Mary placed her hand on the door then it went out in an explosion, taking the men that stood behind it.

The Rogues had flinched then ran into the smoke and ashes. Lagon led the way through the cloud of dust and bulldozed through the guards clearing their path. Mary didnt know where they were, only that they were on the highest floor, and they needed to find stairs. More guards appeared behind them as they ran.

When they found the stairs, guards blocked their path then they were caged in on both sides of the passageway. One of the guards stepped up, Mary assumed him to be the captain,

”Give us the spear woman. ” He ordered.

”Sorry, can do that ” she said backing against the wall. She had her palms on it.

”Mary, careful now with those hands ” Logan said sofly.

”Its the only way ” she whispered.

”You have three seconds ” said the Captain, ”one… ”

”Think fast guys ” Taurus whispered.

Gage had his eyes on all the men, ready for combat. He then looked at Mary. Logan was unsure of her idea.

”….two ” the guards got closer.

Mary didn have a choice, they had to make an exit for themselves, there were too many guards.

”Three! ” The Captain called.

The wall behind Mary exploded leaving a giant hole.

Mary went in first then followed by her brother. Gage grabbed Taurus who almost fell due to the explosion then jumped with him.

The Rogues ran into the steets as the guards shot water blasts at them. They battled their way out of the city of Krest and disappeared into the Grove Forest.

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