rade spiritual root. If they work together, they will be a very strong group among this group of people.”

“Yan Hong and I are both from the royal bloodline of the Great Goose Kingdom. Jiang Li tried to woo me before. Although he was beaten up because of me, he cant blame me for that. As long as Yan Hong speaks up for me, I can act pitiful and make him fall in love with me again.”

“If I can join them, with the help of Yan Hong and that idiot Jiang Li, perhaps in the future…”

Actually, Yan Fengyue was not the only one who had such thoughts.

After the results of the spiritual root test were out, the unstable group structure in the convoy had already collapsed.

None of them were fools. They each had their own thoughts and considerations. With several high-grade spiritual roots as the core, it would not be long before a new group was formed.

After waiting for a long time, the aptitude test for more than 200 people finally ended.

Including Jiang Li, there were only nineteen people with medium-grade spiritual roots and five with high-grade spiritual roots. There was not a single top-grade spiritual root among them.

The cruel elimination of the cultivation world had begun from this first step.

“Alright, all of you have completed the test and know the attributes and grades of your spiritual roots.”

“Now, all those with medium-grade and above spiritual roots, as well as those who have our Immortal Ascension Pavilion jade tokens, follow me. We will head to the Immortal Ascension Assembly shortly.”

“As for the others, stay where you are. There are other arrangements for you.”

Upon hearing this, nearly half of the young men and women present quickly stood behind Fu Zhong. Most of them wore embroidered clothes, while a few wore plain clothes. They were the children who had previously been tested to possess spiritual roots at medium-grade or above.

And on the spot, there were over a hundred uneasy children left behind. All of them wore rough hemp clothes, and it was obvious that their family did not have the ability to exchange for that kind of jade token.

‘Could it be…?Jiang Li and Yan Hong looked at each other, both having some guesses.

“Ill go ask.”

Yan Hong seemed to have suddenly thought of something. After saying that, he went to Fu Zhong, who was walking at the front, and said something.

Both of them had round and chubby faces. When put together, it was strangely interesting.

It was probably because of Yan Hongs high-grade spiritual root that Fu Zhong told him many things. He only left after bringing them into a lounge.

It was said that they would have to take another form of transportation to the venue of the Immortal Ascension Assembly. They would also have to wait for the people from the other carriages to test their spiritual roots before they set off together.

Fortunately, there was a large amount of exquisite food placed in the lounge. Everyone had been exhausted from the long journey, and after arriving, they had been tested for several hours in a row. Now, they were tired and hungry. They cheered and ate.

The few people with high-grade spiritual roots had a tacit understanding and sat separately at several long tables. The others chose the dining table to sit at based on their own considerations. To them, this showed which person they chose to join.

However, there was a small problem with Jiang Li and Yan Hong.

“Brother, I know the details behind the jade token now.”

“Tell me about it.”

Although Jiang Li already had his own guesses, it was naturally best if he could obtain confirmation.

“At that time, the cultivator who tested us for Spiritual Roots told us that no matter which sect we went to, this jade token would allow us to be exempted from two years of labor. This saying is neither correct nor accurate enough.”

“This is just an ordinary jade token. It will be useless in any other sect!”

“To be precise, this jade token can exempt you from two years of labor if you join the Immortal Ascension Pavilion!”

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