Chapter 1: My Plus and Minus Buttons


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“My head!”

This was the first feeling Jiang Li had after regaining consciousness. It was as if his head had been kicked by a donkey, and it hurt so much that it seemed to have deformed.

He struggled to open his eyes, only to see that he was in a moving carriage.

As the wooden carriage swayed, he could feel the throbbing pain on his head as he grimaced in pain.

Enduring the pain, he opened his eyes and observed his surroundings.

It was a confined space surrounded by black wooden planks. There were also a few young men and women dressed in ancient robes sitting together. Some of them looked at him gloatingly, while others completely ignored him.

He judged that he must have been lying on the floor. The smell of damp mold and the cold wet floor made him uncomfortable, so he struggled to get up.

But at this time, he felt a sharp pain in his mind.

It was as if his intracranial pressure had suddenly increased. Accompanied by a pain that felt like his brain was about to explode, many unfamiliar memories of someones life flashed through his mind like a revolving door.

Jiang Lis legs gave way, his eyes rolled back, and he fainted again.

“Jiang Li! Wake up! Jiang Li!”

In a daze, Jiang Li heard someone calling him. It was as if his drifting consciousness gradually landed on solid ground, and he slowly opened his eyes.

Did I… transmigrate?

Jiang Li could still remember the smell of smoke when the gaming capsule caught fire.

The security door at home was so sturdy that before the rescue team broke through the door, he had probably been completely cremated already.

Furthermore, such ancient carriages and wooden planks covered in mold could only be seen in movies of ancient times and television programs.

Recalling the memories that appeared in his mind, Jiang Li had some basic understanding of his current identity and the basic situation of this world.

This world was very similar to the setting of ancient times often seen in dramas and novels because there were real immortals here.

Coincidentally, his current body was also called Jiang Li, the son of a martial arts family.

Because he was their first child, they named him after the character for dawn, meaning that there would be many children and grandchildren in the future. Overall, this name was the artistic version of saying “having more kids.”

Half a month ago, during a test, the original bodys luck was very good and was checked to have cultivation aptitude. This was the commonly known spiritual root.

As the saying went, it was hard to find immortal opportunities. Everyone wanted to cultivate, but similarly, cultivation sects also wanted to recruit more and better disciples to strengthen themselves.

Even if a beggar obtained an immortal opportunity, who could say that he would not rise up to achieve great things?

Therefore, as long as one possessed a spiritual root, most sects would not reject them.

However, his father, Jiang Yuanshan, who was the head of the Jiang family, had clearly been in the pugilistic world for a long time. In order for Jiang Li to become a disciple of a cultivation sect, he had paid a considerable price to the parties involved.

Right now, Jiang Li was on a carriage heading towards the cultivation sect.

When he got up from the ground, his headache had lessened.

He looked at the person who woke him up. It was a young boy.

He had a round face, a big nose, and thick lips. Only his pair of arms were exceptionally small and looked a little funny. However, there was a faint aura of dignity around him. Clearly, he was not a child of an ordinary family.

“Hehe, Jiang Li, youve finally woken up. If you wake up a few hours later, they may throw you to the side of the road to feed the wolves.”

When the big boy saw Jiang Li wake up, he seemed to be very happy and smiled a few times.

Jiang Li held his head and searched through his memories. Soon, he found out the identity of the person in front of him.

“Thank you, Yan Hong.”

There was still a difference in treatment from those who had been bribed and those who had not. At the very least, the young men and women who were traveling with him were not commoners.

This Yan Hong was the son of a certain prince in their country. Although he was not the son of the first wife, he was still highly regarded. It was obvious that his status was much higher than that of a descendant of a martial arts family.

“Hehe, were brothers after all. Hurry up and get up.”

Yan Hong helped Jiang Li up from the ground. He looked to be only thirteen or fourteen years old, but the strength coming from his arms was so great that it definitely surpassed his adult self from his previous life.

“Also, keep this for yourself. This time, I acted quickly and safe-kept it for you. Dont drop it again.”

Before Jiang Li could react, Yan Hong stuffed a small cloth bag over.

Jiang Li touched it in his hand. It was stiff, smooth, and cold, like a jade pendant.

A memory quickly surfaced in his mind.

“My son, Jiang Li, this item is not to be underestimated. Our family has given a huge sum of money to ask for this gift from the immortal. It can prevent you from doing odd jobs for two years and directly walk on the path to immortality! You must take good care of it and not lose it!”

“You are going to seek immortality and pursue the Dao. The journey is long and the future is uncertain. This is the last thing I can do for you. I hope you can become an immortal and bring our Jiang family to greater heights!”

In his memory, that was a burly middle-aged man. He was the father of the original owner of the body, a first-rate martial arts expert who was said to have trained and cultivated his internal force.

Jiang Li quickly checked his entire body. All the valuables had been taken away. Because he had gone on a long journey, besides this jade token, Jiang Yuanshan had also prepared a lot of gold, silver, and money for him.

After opening the pouch and confirming that the jade tablet was intact, he heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Yan Hong, thislittle prince, was secretly helping him. Otherwise, he would be in big trouble.

In his previous life, the path of immortality was an eternal fantasy. The virtual game that Jiang Li played before he died was also of the cultivation theme. It was impossible for him to say that he had no desire for it.

He did not want to lose the treasure that his family had paid a huge price to obtain and become an odd-job servant for two years in vain.

Although he had been beaten to such a state at the start of the transmigration, the current situation was not without benefits.

It was true that he had accepted the memories of the original owner of the body, but there was still a huge difference in his personality and habits compared to the original Jiang Li. If he were to spend time with the original owners parents and family, he would most likely be discovered.

The feudal superstitions of this era were very severe, and there were indeed rumors of ghosts and deities. If some traveling immortal came to subdue him, that would be terrible.

However, now that he had left home, everyone knew that cultivating to become a cultivator meant cutting off all ties with the mortal world. In a few years, not to mention changing ones personality, many cultivators would no longer recognize their loved ones and parents. This was quite normal.

“Thank you so much, Yan Hong. Without this, I would be finished.”

Jiang Li carefully placed the jade tablet into his inner pocket. Because it touched his wound, he gasped again.

“Hehe, were brothers af

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