Child from the Dungeon

Donovan \'Betzalel\' Richter-Grimshaw

[ Warlord Guild Tower ]

” So …. my dear Officers …. ” Ardun says to the captured officers.

” I recently heard about the news, the news that you all try to spread … ”

” Was it true? ” Ardun asks them as the Warblade leader then forces the captured Hunter Association Officers as they then tell him that it is all true.

As the officers nod, the Warblade Leader then gives Ardun the photos of the baby which piques Arduns interest as he sees the photo of the Black Baby.

” Well well 4th Guildmaster …, isn he a cute little boy? ” said a female S-Rank beside him.

” Sonya …. ” Ardun calls her name.

[ Hunter: Sonya Wilson ]

[ Rank: S ]

[ Guild: Warlord ]

[ Position: 4th Gen. Secretary Master ]

” Its a boy !!!??? ” Ardun asks his secretary and she then tells him that she had the files that the officers gave to her in midst of their extraction which also gives her some interesting thing.

” The childs race is unidentified and its Mana is also off the charts … ” Sonya tells Ardun as she gives him the Black Babys test results that the Association had created earlier.

” Black Shadow Baby, Betzalel … huh? ”

” So they had named it already …? ” Ardun asks.

” Yes … for now …. ”

” After all, the ones who are buried in the ground say that S Rank Duncan Grimshaw will give the baby his full name as he says that they will celebrate it, right boys? ” Sonya asks the still living and remaining officers as she lets them live, unlike the others.

As she says that, Ardun then smirks, revealing his golden teeth as he then decides that for today, the greatest of the Warlord guild will get the baby, Ardun then declares that Betzalel, the black baby belongs to them since it was originally to be their property.

” Listen, all of you, call any available member on this task ….!!!! ”

” And tell them to meet me near the G Sector where that damn Sharpeye guild Hunter Duncan Grimshaw lived !!! ” Ardun orders them as the Warblade Squad members then proceed to call the available Warlord guild members.

” It seems youve made up your mind … ”

” My dear Ardun … ” Sonya says as Ardun tells her that he had made up his mind, for this is something that people won see every day.

” It has already been settled, Sonya. ”

” After all, the babys potential is wasted in that Sharp Eye guild members hand. ”

” With their naturalistic ideals, those guys aren worthy to be gifted such an interesting being in their hands …!!!! ” Ardun states as he tells Sonya that the black baby should be in the Warlord guilds hands as they will make the baby their greatest asset.

” Indeed my love … ” Sonya hugs him as both of them prepare themselves for war.

” War … war … war … ”

” That is the motto of our Warlord guild … ”

” War … war … war …. ”

” That is the way of live the lords …. ”

” The Warlords …!!!!! ” Ardun says as he says the Warlord Guilds song.



( Somewhere else. )

[ 07:35 ]

[ Location: Richter Family Resort Villa, Sichere Festung (Safe Fortress) ]

In the Sichere Festung Resort Villa, the three Richter-Grimshaws had arrived there first as they bring Don to that place, where he was put in the living rooms chair while both of his new parents prepare some things as they put their anniversary cake and also prepares Dons meal.

While his parents are busy, Donovan looks around as he sees Irinas fried chicken dinner which he then immediately gobbled like a chameleon he then thinks that the food is delicious which he enjoyed very much as he then approaches the other one which he eats very easily while Irina is busy making things for him, while Duncan is busy preparing some stuff to decorate the living room a little.

” I need to make this living room more lively a bit. ” Duncan says as he prepares some ballons for themselves while Donovan unknowingly eats their meal which Irina then realizes as he stops Don…

” Donovan stops it, thats not for you !!!! ” Irina screams as he picks him up.

( Minutes later. )

” Oh yes, Lord Hector, Lady Irina is waiting for you … ” the butler says as Hector and the other Richter come to the place only to see that the living room had already been prepared for the celebration which Hector sees it unfit at first but then allows it since the moment is right after all.

”( Oh yes … this is their anniversary day after all, so the theme should be exciting.) ”

”( And also … ) ” Hector then sees Donovan in the middle as he was put on his baby chair.

As Hector sees Donovan, he then asks if the black thing that he sees is the.

” Yes, father …. this is Donovan our new child … ”

” Father this Donovan, Donovan this is grandpa … ” Irina says as he picks Donovan to meet with his grandfather which hector then states at Don so sharp while Donovan only blinks for a bit as the two do the eye contact for many minutes until one of Irinas sisters, Alicia as she then comes towards Don.

” Oooh, hes cute !!!!!!!!!!!!! ” Alicia says as he picks Donovan from Irinas arms which she gradually lifts him so excitingly which makes Hector so shocked as he warns Alicia to not do those things to Don.

” Ooohh cmon dad … hes cute !!!!!! ” Alicia replies to him.

” By the way father, why are you so persistent for me to maintain my distances with Don? ” she asks.

” Hes not dangerous after all … just look at him. ” Alicia says while Don just looks at her like the cute black baby doll he is Hector then startles as he looks at the innocent baby Don as he then closes his eyes as he looks at Irina and smiles telling her that he agrees with this very decision as he then tries to hold Don for the first time as both of them then laughs cheeringly at the villa while they
e having the party.


( At the same time. )

[ Location: Sector G, Grimshaws house. ]

” They
e not here !!!! ” Sonya says as Ardun then comes in while eating some leftover food on the houses table.

” So they moved him …? ” Ardun says as he then looks around and then uses his ability as he smells something.

< Skill: Manticores Tracking >

< Skill enables the user to track the objects owner >

” Hmm … I see …. ” Ardun says as he orders all of them to leave and orders Sonya to dispose of the still alive officers which Sonya then tells that she had already done that even before Ardun asked it in the first place as she had no time to pull her psycho urges.

” So … do you have some clue, Guildmaster? ” Sonya asks Ardun replies with a smile that he already had them as he knows that the babys location is approximately 13.400 km from the house where he then realizes that that place is a place for many resort villas.

” Gotcha … ” Ardun says while smiling as he then orders the Warlord Guild members to follow him.


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