CHAPTER #7:Her Rights.

”Stop right there you thief! ” Someone bellowed from the other side of the street.

I looked behind me and saw a small child around my age running as fast as he could holding a loaf of bread and a cloak which I couldn see on his face.

A fat man who looked like a baker tried his best to keep up with the child.

”Aa! ” The child cried stumbling on a brick.

”Haha! Now Ive got you brat. ” The man breathed heavily.

He wrapped the loaf of bread in his ragged cloak.

He was covered in mud and was barefoot.

I realized that the man was about to beat him to pulp.

Before I could think my body reacted and I stood between the two.

A fist was already directed in my way. I closed my eyes as it was too late to dodge it.

I stood in one place trembling with my arms wide open to protect that poor child.

- ”Brother Lucien! ”My heart cried.

I opened my eyes and found that Lucien had beaten the fat man to the ground.

”How dare you lay a finger on my sister? ” He glared at him who was nearly unconscious.

”Luna, are you hurt? ”

”No, I am alright brother ” I replied barely getting my stance on the ground.

”My lord! ” The knight who previously intended to follow us from the estate road towards us as fast as he could.

”Tch! ” He clicked his tongue.

I looked back and held out my hand to help the kid on the ground.

”Are you alright? ” I asked him.

Slowly nodding the child bowed deeply, intending to express his gratitude he ran away.

”Ah wait! ” I called out.

”What an ungrateful child. hmph! ” I mumbled angrily.

But it was useless as he was nowhere to be seen.

”You shouldn do anything dangerous, Luna. ” Lucien looked at me half annoyed and worried.

”M-Master, please lets go back. ”

”Ahh! But Luna and I have yet to eat. ”He protested.

”Sir knight please join us, ” I said since I pitied the young guy who looked in his early twenties. He was worried about us and blindly followed us for the sake of our safety.

”Luna! ”

”Its alright brother, ” I said.

”My lady you don have to do this. ” The poor knight said.

”Im not forcing myself. I want to thank you instead. ” I smiled.

We ordered one more set of sweets and a coffee for him after he took care of the baker.

Lucien threw three copper coins to the baker for the stolen bread.

”You are too good to people around you Luna. If this goes on people will take advantage of you and will take your kindness for granted. ” He advised me while riding on our way back to the estate.

”I will not always be by your side. So keep this in mind, my baby sister. ”

”I will, ” I replied gloomily.

”Whats wrong? ”

”Nothing. I was just thinking that you will leave tomorrow. ”

”Are you worried about me? ”He asked.

- ” Yes I am worried that you will change and leave me when the female lead appears. ”

Instead of saying that I simply nodded my head in agreement.

It was nearly evening time when we reached home.

Mother was mad not because we went alone but went outside uninformed.

I secretly thanked the knight who followed us since mother would have fainted if she heard we were out without an escort.

”If your father hears about it he will be mad at you. You know he will double your training Lucien. ” Inina said angrily.

”I will be going away tomorrow anyway mother. ” He stated facts.

”Don get too cheeky young man. You still have tonight. ” She retorted crossing her arms.

Lucien was at a loss and apologized immediately.

”Rowan and Alexander were here to meet you. But you were nowhere to be found. Now you two go and take a bath. Then come and have dinner. ”

We apologetically left the hall followed by my nanny.

After refreshing myself in warm water, I wore a light blue chiffon dress personally tailored by the empires top fashion designer.

Lucien waited outside of my room. He too had changed his clothes to home wear.

”Welcome home master. ” We heard the butler say as he carried fathers overcoat while we climbed down a flight of steps.

”Welcome home papa. ” I ran to him as he lifted me in his arms.

”Did my princess miss me? ” He asked smiling.

”Welcome home father, ” Lucien greeted formally.

”Yes, I am. ” He patted his head lightly.

”Dear, you are home. ” Inina came and greeted him with a kiss which caused the two of us to blush.

Dinner went by in discussion for tomorrows departure.

It was news to me when I heard that the academy was on the outskirts of the capital.


The next morning, Lucien boarded the carriage after mother and father saw him off.

I didn feel any contrition of him leaving as I was more excited about visiting Eirlyn.

”Mama, did you get Eirlyns letter? ” I asked my mother as she read through the pile of letters she received this morning.

”Wait a bit sweety. I need to find it from the pile. ” She slowly read the senders names on the letters.

”Here it is! ” She exclaimed opening the letter which had the seal of Beauregards.

”Oh my.Looks like we will have a day at the Beauregards. ”

” We will have to get ready now. Nanny, please take care of Luna. ”

”Yes, Madame. ” She picked me up and took me to my room.

”By mid-morning, we boarded the carriage to Eirlyns estate.

”Looks like my princess is excited to meet her new friend. ”Inina smiled.

”Yes, I am. Eirlyn said that she has a bunch of new books which I have yet to read. I am so glad that we have many things in common. ”

I dozed off on my mothers lap until we arrived at their residence.

”Welcome to our humble estate Countess Vanderberg and you too little miss. ” A man in his late fifties greeted us at the main gate.

”I am the head butler of the Beauregarde estate. ” He smiled introducing himself.

- ”Oh so people of lower status also have a head butler in their residences. I wondered if it was because Eirlyns father was serving in the army. But the question was what division was he in to receive such benefits. ”

The country only provided services to those of higher position.

”Welcome Countess Inina, and you too Luna. ” Eirlyns mother greeted us with open arms.

- ”Why do I feel like they give more attention to mother? ”

I was somewhat annoyed thinking about it but it must have been my imagination. After all, I am still a child in their eyes.

”Luna you are here! ”

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