Bully’s SoftHearted

Why would I want to go back?

”Why were you spying on us? ”

It wasn a were you spying on us but rather why were you. He spoke with such conviction that I couldn even deny if I wanted to! Im stuck in such a sticky situation! System! Are you there! Tell me what to do! Why are you asking me? Well its because of your **ed up plot that Im stuck here! I gritted my teeth.

I know, Im confused too. Well tell me what to do now!! Ok ok just threaten him ya know, I mean after all you are a bully… Right! I forgot about that. I made an arrogant good-for-nothing face and rudely told him ”Who are you to question me? Ill do whatever I want! ” while confidently looking him in the eye.

I may look very confident but in the inside I very much wanted to disappear. Gosh this is such an embarrassment! I expectantly waited for him to leave. But of course life loves to give me surprises!

He raised an eyebrow in an are you really going to lie manner. He took another step forward in an threatening manner. I stepped back unconsciously until my back hit the wall. But my expression didn deter. He noticed this and then smirked. I still put up with the brave front though.

”What are you doing? Do you know who I am!? ” I said obnoxiously. His hand came up right beside my face. I flinched slightly, not too noticeable thinking he was going to hit me. Seeing he didn , my obnoxious rich spoilt good-for-nothing face came up again.

He leaned in a little and whispered ”What will you do? ”. ”I- uh I… ” I stuttered. Say youll make his high school life horrible just like Arias! The system piped up. Right. Without processing what the system meant I blurted out ”Ill make your high school life horrible just like Arias! ”

He looked at me for a moment and then straightened up. ”Right. Sorry ” And with that he turned and left with me staring back dumbfounded. What just happened!? Then I processed what I said and my eyes widened involuntarily. You made me follow the plot, didn you? The system sheepishly answered yes.

Wait a minute! I turned around and surely there was Aria standing there. Looking very…angry? Shouldn she be scared of me? She stomped her way towards me until my back hit the wall again! Anybody else getting Deja vu? System whats going on? Isn the fl scared of me?

”You! You. stay. away. from. Sven! Ill make your life hell! ” She spoke angrily, stabbing her finger on my chest at every single word. Warning clearly in her voice. That was painful! ”I-

But before I could say anything she turned around and left. My heads spinning from this! System did you give me a wrong book?! What is happening! I don know…Its been reported but youll have to wait until we find something Fine. But why are you helping me? Im not even going to follow the plot.

I was upset at first but this story is taking an interesting turn and the readers seem to like the plot twist so feel free to do anything! But its still important to know whats changed All you
e interested is the story! Here my lifes in danger! Both the ml and the fl are out to get me! Oh please you
e exaggerating and keeping the readers interested is my top priority! At least you could be sympathetic.

Its time for your math class! The system reminded. Ugh do I still have to go to school!? Yes you do! Ugh fine! What a demanding system you are! Hey I heard that! Good! You should reflect sometimes. I quickly made my way to the class. As I walked in, people looked at me dumbfounded, even the teacher…Forgot the bullys a slacker.

I took a seat at the back right beside the window. I feel like the protagonist in an anime! They always get the window back seats! I waited for the class to fill in since there was still time till it started.

And then I realized. System! Wasn bully a slacker! Then why do I have to go to school! Well the storys changed drastically and the ml and the fl are also in the class. You never know what will happen. Well this was waste of time! I hadn even bothered to take out my books since Ive already learned this all.

I mean not to brag but Im expert in maths. Afterall you don get scholarship to the top engineering college just like that! I am an 23 year old in an 17 year old body. You might ask then why did I bother to come to school at all, well that was because I wanted to see the romance but clearly it didn go as planned! The fl is in the class!

And right there was the fl sitting in the middle row in the middle column. According to the novel the ml and the fl enter together and the ml is said to sit behind the fl. From there it gets very cliche. Like the ml kicks the fl from under the table and cutely annoys the fl until it catches the teachers attention and they
e both sent to detention. There they get more time to ond in other words ml pushing the fl limits.

But seeing as the fl enters alone I don what to expect. She glares at me a little before sitting down. I don what I did to her but then again in the past I have ullied her so…Maybe the only difference is that she can stand up for herself. Well thats good for her! I need to apologize to her though…I don want to be sucked into more drama.

As usual all the seats except for the one behind fl get filled up. Beside me a guy with brunnete straight hair and a little skinny sat. I smiled at him but he looked dumbfounded. Did I also bully him? I asked the system. No Then whys he acting like this? Wanting to take my chances I introduced myself.

”H! Im Mara! ” I said enthusiastically. The boy seemed to come out of his shock and replied ”Im Joel! ” He smiled. ”You know you
e different than what Ive heard of you. ” he said quite bluntly. ”Well… ” I just smiled sheepishly. ”Sorry no one wants to hear that on their first meet. Guess you shouldn really trust rumours until you haven seen it for yourself ” He cut in.

I decided not to correct him. Well this is the new Mara! ”Yea- The mls here too! The systems voice came. I stopped abruptly. I followed him with my eyes, expecting him to sit behind the ml. Joel seemed to notice that I had stopped talking and instead followed my gaze.

But again the ml seem to caught me off guard again as he walked towards Joel and asked coldly but politely ”Can I sit here? ” No matter how cold he was he never forgot his manners. But why does want to sit beside me! What happened to sitting behind the fl! What happened to cutely annoying her!?

This seems interesting! The system piped up in my misery. ”Can you sit there? The seat is empty ” Joel replied. Yes yes yes! Thank you very much Joel!! But Sven didn move away instead he whispered something in Joels ear. Then Joel smirked at me knowingly and got up to sit in that seat instead.

And then Sven sat beside me. I stared in horror at what happened. Joel how could you leave me like this! The teacher came in and the class started. I cautiously avoided looking at Sven and just stared out of the window. But I could very much feel his stare…

”Mara! ” I heard the teacher shout which jolted me out of my day dream. I stood up. ”Are you paying attention in class? ” he asked very well knowing that I wasn . I still nervously nodded as to not embarrass myself more…

”You are? Then can you please come here and solve the problem ” he said, I detected a slight sarcasm… I looked at the board and sighed in relief. I knew how to do this. I confidently went up to the board and waited as the teacher passed me the chalk.

Whole lot of them snickered. ”Yea right solve it! ” One voice came up. ”You will be next if you don keep quite! ” The teacher said sternly. I quickly solved it with ease. It really was easy. I waited as the teacher checked if I was right. During this I heard someone say ”of course hell get it wrong! It hasn even been taught yet ”

So that explains the dumbfounded look from the teacher. No wonder he thought I wouldn get it. ”Is it right? ” I asked innocently. ”Yes ” The class also looked shocked. ”But how do you know this? I haven taught it yet ” he asked. ”I like to be ahead ” Thats all I said. I smiled as I sat on my seat, still avoiding looking at Sven.

It worked fine until I felt a tug at my sweatshirt and lo and behold it was the one and only Sven! Now what do you want! But instead I just ignored him and continued my window staring. But he wouldn just leave me alone! After one hard tug and I was falling from my seat. Hands wrapped around my waist as I steadied myself. Now this caught the teachers attention again who was already irritated by me not paying attention.

But couldn do anything since I had answered correctly. ”You both! Detention for disrupting the class! ” he scolded. ”Bu- ”I said detention! ” I grumbled and glared at Sven as I sat. He just looked at me like nothing happened. I swear I saw a slight smirk as I looked out of the window.

The audacity!

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