Bully’s SoftHearted

Fuck! I\'m going to get beaten early!!

I rubbed my eyes as I woke up. Wait a second! Why is there a Tv in my room?! Wait what?! I don have such a big room…or a king sized bed… Where am I? Its definitely not my house!? What do you mean house? You live in one room apartment. Umm…Ouch? My sarcastic nature always bites me in the ass!

Right youve finally woke up! For a second I thought you were dead Ok wait that was not me…! Let me introduce myself. Im the system which will guide you through this story!- My eyes widened as I came to the realization Ive transmigrated in a story haven I? Ive transmigrated?! yes you have. Now I don like to be interrupted. As I was saying the story is about the romance between ml and fl where ml saves fl from the bully and gets revenge by beating the shit out of him! Oh wow the storys not that bad, a little cliche though…

So am I the ml!? Wow that would be soo excit- You
e the bully You gotta be **ing kidding me! Really?! yes really. Im not **ing kidding with you came the robotic voice. Actually thats great isn it? Thats great? I can hear your thoughts by the way Of course its great! I can enjoy this rich carefree life and watch the booming romance between the ml and fl! Yes I like romance and yes Im also a fangirl or well fanboy in this case…

No no no you can deviate from the plot! If you don complete the missions then you will be stuck in this world forever! You can go back to your original world! Well well well all the more reason to not follow the plot. Wait what? My original world sucks, Id rather be here. What about your friends and family? I don have them. I shrugged.

So you
e not going to follow the plot are you? Nope! Well until all the missions are completed I have to stay here with you. So what are you going to do? Tomorrows the first day of ml Nothing Ill just study and enjoy life! Youve made up your mind haven you? Yes, yes I have. Not even teeny meeny chance youll change your mind? Nope!

My stomach rumbled since I hadn eaten anything. I lived in a mansion, kinda like it. In the book this family has one of the best chefs working for them. I happily went down at the thought of all yummy food I could get to eat everyday! The chef was a 50 year old lady. In the book shes like a second mother to Mara. Fortunately our names are the same so thats good!

”hey! ” I smiled enthusiastically at the lady as she stood in the kitchen. She gave me a kind smile. ”So what would you like to eat today? ” She asked. ”White sauce pasta! ” I said. She nodded and starting preparing for the food.

One thing I noticed is that this house is practically empty. Like its almost dead… ”Umm where are mom and dad? ” I asked her. I could get some info since shes been working for years. She gave me a sympathetic look. ”They
e going to be late ” Thats what she said. ”Ohh ”

Now that I think about it. The bullys parent were never once mentioned. All I know is that the bullys a mistake in their parents eyes and a barrier between their fun filled adventurous life to now boring and being responsible for a child! Ya they
e the worst! Oh well, great for me I can spend their money generously! Thinking about this makes me feel bad for the original host.

I mean living without parents all your life and never once getting attention or guidance I wouldn be surprised if he turned out worse than this! Time flied past and soon I was getting served dinner. I took the dinner and ate it while watching suits.

The pasta was the most delicious one Ive ever eaten in my whole life! Rich life is sure awesome! Once I was done I laid on my bed, exhausted. I was about to sleep when I heard a ding. I looked around a bit confused when I noticed the phone on the table due to the glow of the screen.

I picked it up and found a message from hoe no.1? What the…I clicked on it and read the message – Tonight your place or mine?

It didn take a genius to figure out what she meant. I quickly typed no need. Right forgot this bully is also a manwhore. I checked all the contacts and they went like big tits? long less? What kinda names are these. He sure was creative. There weren any normal names except for mom and dad. No wait that wasn right to.

He literally saved his moms number as Birthgiver and dad as Person who donated sperm. Damn! Anyway Im not using this phone. It was an iPhone 13. Im more of an android person so this phone confuses. Right first thing I need a new number and a new phone. Ain no way Im using this phone.

Making a mental note, I quickly went to sleep.

The next day was the same. Getting ready and all that stuff. The original host also had a Lambo but Id walk instead. Its not like I don li

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