I slowly opened my eyes and peered around the familiar room. I sat up and noticed Ryan asleep at the bottom of the bed, his arm was draped over his face to shield it from the sun and a slight snore left his lips. Adorable.

I carefully climbed out of bed and slipped out the door before I woke him. There was music still playing downstairs but at a low volume and someone was singing along.

”Ryan is that you? ” Zane yelled from the kitchen. I strolled inside the kitchen and he was washing dishes. Beer bottles and cups were covering the countertops and overstuffed trash bags were on the floor.

”Why are you always the first person awake and in the kitchen, ” I laughed.

”Because Im not a drunk, I know my limit. ” He glanced at me and looked over my body. ”Are you wearing my shirt? ” I looked down and realized I had on an oversized Naruto t-shirt that I didn remember putting on. Ryan mustve put it on me while I was sleeping.

”Must be because its definitely not mine. ”

He finished up the last dish and shut off the water. ”This house is disgusting and everyone else is asleep, so do you mind? ”

”Do you even have to ask? ” I smiled up at him before pulling the shades from his face and putting them on. I grabbed the dustpan, broom, and a few garbage bags on my way out of the kitchen to start on the living room. We both worked together picking up all the empty cans and bottles and other gross things that shall not be named. Once we were done, I swept and mopped the floors then we crashed on the couch to rest.

”Thanks for helping, if I had to do that all alone I wouldve been here for hours. ”

”Its the least I could do after helping plan the party. ” Surprisingly after all the noise we were making while cleaning up Leah and Ryan never once came downstairs, so I grabbed the remote and turned up the music to the max volume before shielding my ears. I didn have to wait long until Leah and Ryan came stumbling downstairs.

”Happy Birthday baby! ” I widened my arms for her and she collapsed against me and laid her head on my shoulder. Ryan wore a scowl on his face before snatching the remote and shutting off the tv.

”Some of us didn get enough sleep last night, ” Ryan groaned and lay on the end of the couch, resting his head on the palm of his hand before closing his eyes. His morning voice was deep and raspy, I forgot how attractive guys were in the morning.

”Seriously? You came down here to fall asleep at my feet? ” Leah kicked his arm causing his head to crash on the couch. His eyes popped open and he grabbed her ankle.

”Try that shit again and youll be spending your birthday in the hospital. ” He warned and sat up to rub the sleep from his eyes.

While they bickered back and forth I went upstairs to take a quick shower. I shouldve taken one last night when that whole situation happened with the drink. After I was done washing off all the nastiness of last night, we all got dressed to get some breakfast before Ryan had to go to work.

”So how come I didn know you had a job? Every time we run into each other you
e either at Leahs house or mine. You cash in all your sick days or something? ” I took a sip of my apple juice and placed it back on the table.

He chuckled before taking my drink and sipping some too. ”Yeah, something like that. If my boss desperately needed me he wouldve called. ”

”You think you can hook me up? I could use a job and a recommendation from a great friend who wants to see me start making some cash. ” I grinned. Most of the things I have in my life were from my father before he left us to start a new family. I needed things that I can call my own, not things that had bad memories attached.

”I work at a bar, you kinda need experience if you plan on working there. ”

I shrugged my shoulders. ”Im a fast learner. ”

We ate in silence after that until Ryan said his goodbyes and left for work then we all finished up our food and went our separate ways. We agreed to meet up later to have a birthday dinner for Leah and finally give her the presents shes been going crazy to see. A dinner set a different tone than yesterdays events, so it should be calm and peaceful.

Why did nail polish smell so amazing if you weren supposed to breathe it in? I was in my living room painting my toenails and it almost felt like I was getting high off the fumes. Or was I just slowly fading away? Either way, I loved it. My phone started to ring so I glanced at the screen and exhaled slowly before picking it up.

”Whats up, mom. ”

”Don whats up mom me. You better have a good excuse for dodging my calls this week. ”

”You never called me. ” I scrolled through my phone call history just to make sure I was right.

She groaned in annoyance. ”Fuck, Ive been calling the wrong number, but that still doesn excuse why you haven called me. ”

”Yaknow calls go both ways right? And Ive been meaning to get around to it, but Ive been busy. ”

”Ive been busy too, but in a whole nother way and thats why I called. ”

I felt like I had to mentally prepare myself for whatever she was about to say. It could either be something thatll piss me off or make my day even better. Lets hope it was the latter; I didn need my mood ruined.

”Im almost afraid to ask but whats been keeping you busy? ”

The other end of the line went silent for a few seconds before she spoke again, ”I met someone. Well, we didn just meet, Ive been seeing him for a while, and before you say anything just know hes been treating your mama real nice. ”

So shes been dating behind my back. I guess thats fair since I haven exactly been too fond of her choice of men in the past. She invests so much of her time in her
elationships and when she loves she loves hard. I just hope it wasn another douchebag ready to break her heart.

”Violet? ” She spoke again and I realized I haven responded yet.

”Sorry, I was just… ” I exhaled and fanned at my toes. ”Im extremely happy for you if you
e happy. I just want the best for you. ”

”I know, I know. So now that thats out of the way how about next week you guys meet? Ill cook dinner and you guys can get to know each other. ”

”Sounds great. ”

We said our goodbyes and I started on my next set of toes before dinner. My mom was now on my mind and the random who seemed to claim her heart. Next week better not be a disaster.

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