Laura ”the best you can do is to get a young beautiful lady pregnant and pretend like you didn ”

Mia ”what is she talking about? ”

Mia stands up and start dressing up.

Maximo ”don worry about her,no one is getting pregnant here ”

Laura ”At least you are nice to her,you only choice you gave me was pregnancy and tears ”

Mia ”Did you **** her? ”

Maximo ”it was a mistake,lets just go on ”

Mia ”how do you **** someone by mistake and continue what!!?are you insane?

Maximo ”well she drugged me and took advantage of me ”.

Mia ”I thought you raped her but if she drugged you, how did that happen? ”

Laura ”Well let me tell you something dear,he is so dumb and full of himself because of his money that he can even give a good lie,he is pathetic ”

Maximo was already upset and pulled up his trousers.

Maximo ”Forget it ,you are both useless,its not like I have not gone a day without sex before ”

Maximo exited the bathroom with anger.

Laura ”Yeah run kitty ”

Maximo started looking for Vincent from the main club to bathrooms to bathrooms and found him in one,he badged in which alerted Vincent.

Vincent ”That was quick,did you enjoy it or are you in for a threesome ”.

Maximo ”SCRAM SLUTT!! ”

That scared the girl with Vincent and she ran out.

Vincent ”why did you do that? ”

Maximo ”Lets go now,I don wanna stay here anymore ”

Vincent ”you sure,theres a lot of… ”

Maximo ”Zip it or you are fired,don forget who you are talking to,now I said we should go that means we should gooo!!! ”

Vincent ”sorry boss ,pardon me for my overstatement ”

Maximo ”enough talking and more walking ”

They left the bathroom and was going outside when Vincent noticed Laura coming out of the bathroom.

Vincent ”isn that Laura,Maximo? ”

Maximo ”Don you remember what I said about less talking ”

They left the club and went home.


Maximo was angry and stressed out from the day that he had just now and went quickly for a bath.

While having a hot bath in the shower,he started thinking about what happened in the club but not about the Laura and Mia scene but about the sex he almost had with Mia.

From all those shower thoughts he started get aroused all over ,he wanted to masturbate to it because,well, there were no girls to give him what he desired that moment.

He had his moment and a normal shower of fifteen minutes became a long bath of close to thirty minutes.When Maximo got fone with his business in his room he came out to get a good night sleep.


*4 years later*

Laura ”honey,I am going shopping ,would you mind taking Clara out of a father and daughter time while Im out ”

Maximo ”You know I am late and already off to work,Vincent will do that ,after all h his her god father ”

Clara ”mummy,daddy byebye ”

Laura ”goodbye sweetie ”

Maximo ”Ginger goodbye,uncle Vincent will get you something when you get back from school ”

Clara ”okay daddy ”she waves as she leaves with Vincent for her school ”.

Maximo was already dressed in a black suit as usual for business and Laura walked right to him to adjust his tie.

Laura ”Honey,I still think you should be the one taking her out ”

Maximo ”I have work ”

Laura ”Exactly!,you spend too much time in work and don spend a lot of time with our daughter ”.

Maximo ”well if I don work ,that will surely jeopardize my business ,and I have quite made a reputation for myself ”.

Laura ”yourself?? ”

Maximo ”Well I started this all by myself but that doesn mean you should take it all wrong,I have made all this for a family that I have now ”

Laura ”well you need to also so that family you really care for them or this wealth you built will be the only thing left of what you started All By YourSelf.

Laura ”Sir ,its getting late ”

Maximo ”what do you mean? ”

Laura ”wake up Maximo? ”

Maximo ”but I am awake… ”


*panting*Maximo woke up to find out he was having a dream.

Vincent ”Sir,Oh thank goodness,you are awake ”

Maximo ”why are you in my room? ”

Vincent ”Sir,this is a Monday morning and I just thought it wouldn be right if you went for your contract meeting late ”

Maximo ”What contra…,oh shoot the contract? ”

Maximo ”why didn you wake me up earlier? ”

Vincent ”Well, I.. ”

Maximo ”no need to express your stupidity in words to me this Monday morning,I will go and shower now and before am done ,get me a vintage black suit from my dressing room.

Vincent ”okay, anything else? ”

Maximo ”just ** off ”

Maximo wakes into his bathroom to wash his face first.Maximo hasn forgotten yet.

Maximo ”Why would I end up with maid,I wouldnt accept that ”

Maximo ”While in my dream she still has the gods to threaten me,I wouldn accept that ”he said that as he stated at his face in the mirror in his bathroom.

Maximo ”A child ,pathetic,why would I want a child right now,I wouldn accept that! ”




”I WOULDNT ACCEPT THAT!!!!!! ”Maximo continue shouting those very words


while still staring at his image on the mirror

”why are you staring at me? ”

He started punching the glass mirror it it shattered completely meanwhile Vincent heard the sound from Maximos dressing room and started hurrying to his room.

Maximo repeating the words ”I wouldn accept ”started breaking things in his bathroom and when done went to his room and thats when Vincent entered in fear of not knowing what was happening and has he saw what Maximo was doing he said.

Vincent ”Maximo what is going on?! ”

Maximo still chanting to very words and ignoring him.

Vincent ”Talk to me Maximo ”

Vincent noticed him bleeding from his right hand.

Vincent ”Maximo,what HAPPENED TO YOUR HAND?!! ”

he hurried to him and tried stopping him from breaking things but Maximo just pushed him away.

Maximo ”I am a man and don need your consoling and you should get out of here or you are fired, remember your place peasant ”.

Vincent, without fear but love for his best friend,he ran to where Maximo was and gave him a big hug.

Maximo was shocked and didn alter anything again.Vincent was hugging him but he didn hug back but he didn push him away still.

Vincent ”Maximo,I can see my best friend in so much pain and leave him alone even at the cost of my job.Maximo you can tell me anything,I am your best friend,I will always listen,I know when you are in pain you don like people around and you push us away but I want you to remember that i will always be here for you through thick and thin ,though you are my boss,you are also a friend everyone will ask for.You are not alone and will never be because I will always be here for you no matter how much or hard you push me away ”.

With Maximo hearing those very words without knowing started shedding droplets of tears why still in shock.He knew he had a best friend but didn know how much he loved him and as a busy man ,he has almost never received a genuine hug and heart pure like that.

Maximo hugged him very tightly.

Maximo while puling ”My life was going very well until laura,she just made me remember Clara,I miss her so much? ”

Vincent ”I feel your pain,I also miss Clara,Let it all out even a rich business man is allowed to fell pain,you are not a monster ”

Maximo ”Am always putting people at risk,its better you just leave ”

Vincent ”It was an accident both Clara and Laura,everyone makes mistakes ”

Maximo ”but not all make deadly mistakes ”

Vincent ”Lauras was not a deadly mistake ”

Maximo ”but it can be ,what if she gets frustrated and abort the child,I can tell her to do that because I know the pain than loosing someone dear to you,or what if she commits suicide ”

Vincent ”Or what if she gets over you and just get on with her life and cater for the child ”.

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