Awesome Lawyer

Chapter 1 Mia fall in love to the great lawyer

Such an awesome day, Atty Ares slowly drove his car to the mansion. His right eye gazed at the stunning woman who sweetly talked with the alluring guy. He slightly opened the window, he definitely saw the girl who opened his heart for her.

He quickly drove his car due to his conscience not opening his heart for her. Unexpectedly, his car crashed into another car, his body filled with blood, even his car was painted to such blood.

In the hospital, Dr. Shelley was really inspired to give an urgent medication for him. Her heart emotionally dreamt to be his husband. Indeed, she never left the room unless Atty. Ares might have opened his eyes and shifted his body.

It took seven nights, Atty. Ares did not open his eyes yet, when the other doctors concluded that the patient was dying. Indeed, his heart would never pump anymore. To that, Beatrice asked heaven to give another life for her son.

So far, Mia happily met Engr. Stephen forcefully offered his heart for her. However, her heart slipped back that she should report to the hospital. Otherwise, the director would terminate her.

Mia worriedly trudged the floor, her eyes slightly found a man who kept on calling her heart, ” please touch my body darling, ” then her mind casted back the lawyer who had unprofessionally treated her, ” why do I like him? If hes my enemy, why do I still remember his unethical actions? ” Her direction would be going to the nurse station, but her feet reached the patients room.

Her eyes transparently saw the bloody guy who lay down the bed. That time, Dr. Shelley and Beatrice were taking their miraculous experimentation, just to give another life to Atty. Ares.

In the room, Mia felt scared staring at the blood, but he

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