only did it make a few Nobles happy that thought the Akademy was failing in its work and overall care, it made the members of the Royal Family that were part of the staff agree.

”Sounds good to me. ” William nodded. ”Who do I give this to? ” He removes the badge of the 12th seat position he held. ”Hopefully the next person that gets it, doesn get stabbed in the back by colleagues. ”

”Hold on to it. ” The Dean said. A few wanted to protest but he silenced them easily with a raise of the hand. ”Until an actual student can replace him, the seat needs to be filled. As a Placeholder, not much will change. Besides the resources given every month and Archive access. ”

”Yeah.. no. ” William placed it on the table in front of him. ”Not getting saddled with all the duties that come with it. Since 1, people won respect it since I do not have the strength. 2, I am getting nothing out of it really. 3, I basically don want it. ”

The prestige that came with the badge was coveted by most of the students. Since he was not getting the benefits of it, the best thing to do was to leave it.

The School Board members and the other 11 frowned for the most part. The board since it was a slap in the face that a student was so adamant about giving it up. The 11 other placeholders because he discarded something they valued so easily.

”Then you are dismissed. ” The Vice-Dean said. William left promptly. Turning to the 11 he barely held back his disgust. ”I suggest each of you clean up your act. The Akademy is not doing anything mostly because of the trying times coming but do not think you are getting away scot-free. ”

”Oh, doesn feel like it at all. Feels like they are getting away scot-free. ” The Healer Coordinator said. She did not hide her look of agitation at all. ”Consider your privilege with the entire Medical Department revoked. I will also be looking into each student that has come in with several issues close to what William came in with. ”

”To what end? ” The 1st seat asked. This bitch just had to say something! His eyes looked over to his father who sat on the board. Father looks very unhappy.

”Filll out the inquiry and we will discuss it during another meeting. ” The shit-eating grin on the Healer Coordinator face was priceless. ”One must keep things formal, despite the pressing times. ”

”The rest of you are dismissed, we have other matters to attend to. ” The Vice-dean did not want any more trouble today. He already had a stack of documents to go through when gets to his office. Once the 11 exited the room he looked at the others sternly. ”Williams Family have not said anything, any word on what is going on? ”

”The Duchy of Lancaster may not have gotten word yet. ” The Affairs Coordinator stated. Much to the annoyance of the other. It means they need to have an answer later to appease them. ”William has also not sent word to them either. ”

”Then we should be grateful he had a falling out with them as well as his fiancee. ” The Student Body Coordinator stated. Always the one for gossip, the man knew lots of private details like this. He was also aware of why the 11 betrayed William. ”The Lancasters are mostly liking deal with that fallout since it was the other partys daughter that broke it off. ”

”That is none of our business. ” The Disciplinary Coordinator stated. He wanted to keep on track and not partake in gossip. ”The Akademy is what we deal with. The students are losing faith in us as well as the quality of teaching dropping. ”

As they focused back on their daily jobs, the 11 were meeting out in the Placeholders Meeting Room. A few are none to happy.

”Well, what the hell we do now!? ” The 3rd seat barked agitated.

”What can we do? ” The 2nd seat shrugged. Her legs crossed as she stared out the window. ”We still have know idea where he put that Manual from the ruins. So basically we screwed him over for nothing. ”

”Nothing!? ” The 1st moved to confront her but was pushed away by the overwhelming mana weighing down on him. ”Kuk! ” Kicking to the other end, he stared at the 5th & 6th that helped her. ”We can still get the Manual from him, just need time! ”

”Tch! By the feel of it, he is not even practicing it anymore! Someone might have stolen it before us! ” The 8th seat said agitatedly.

”Do not say us, I never wanted the manual in the first place. ” The 2nd said annoyed. ”Due to greed, we are now at a loss on privileges and some of the students are giving us dirty looks. ”

”Not to mention the teachers. ” The 9th seat said annoyed. ”The risk was not worth it at all. Now we have to get use to a new person appointed and get back on the good side of the teachers and faculty. ”

”I will find a way to get the Manual. ” The 10th seat said. ”Just everyone take care of themselves and keep in mind William may have dropped a few Realms, but he still may have some tricks up his sleeve. ”

The 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th left the room. Each of them thinking on ways to deal with the 1st seat and his ambitions. Not caring in the least about his fathers influence.

”You keep messing with the 2nd seat and you are going to get it. ” 10th seat said. ”She may not as be as close as she was to William as before but don get yourself killed over it. Be thankful she hasn heard what happened yet. ”

”Meaning what? ” The 1st was arrogant but he listened to certain people. ”What happened? ”

”The rumor is that the Lancasters are going to lose a marriage Alliance. Namely, because Williams fiancee found someone she says is better. ” The 10th had a deep frown on his face. ”If the rumors are to be believed, it may lead to war. ”

”Dammit! ” The 1st punch the table aggravated. ”If war happens we will get called up due to the positions we have! Must move quickly to get that Manual! ”

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