Archaeologists in a Magic Cultivation World

Chapter 1 Sent Across the Dimensional Boundary

The latest part of the dig site was just one of many exciting encounters today. The first level that worked on the opening found a few bodies that still had clothing on them. The fact that it was preserved so well was much to debate before even unearthing the rest of the remains.

”Dr.William! ” A man called out down below. The harness keeping him close enough to the lift despite his over-extending. ”You have to make sure to come to see this before you go home today! ”

”Sure, just make sure you take a lot of pictures! ” Dr.William waved at the enthused student. He continued his descent into the ruins. ”Gloves on to! ”

His last words went unheard. The students had a real hard time remembering to do so. Always commenting that the gloves prevented a real ”feel ” of what was found. the oils on the body were not that a big deal to them.

But this was a semi-funded University Dig. A few procedures needed to be done still. Only 15% of what was found so far was going on display after all. Everything else was going into private collections and secret viewings.

”What the heck is this thing on this ones chest? ” The students gathered around, looking at what looked to be a metal harness in most places. ”Its embedded in the skin to. ”

A few more moved their lifts over to see. Looking over the sides, causing the baskets to bounce a little. It was a good thing the ground was leveled where they were set up at.

”Well, lookee here. ” One of the security guards called out. ”I think this is that missing convict from last month. ”

”Well, that would be around the time we had that washout, and security was real lax. ” Mordecai, the department head from the University, said. He stroked his mustache, giving it a little twist at the end. He was a terrible poker player, William found out one night. ”Well, at least we have the right people with us down here. ”

”Just in case a few other convicts are here I take it? ” William observed the distraught look on the convicts face and the fact his body was leaning towards the exit. Not going further in. These marking on his side defintely looks like an animal.

”We will go in first to check in case any others are here hiding out. ” The security guard gestured for four others to go with him. Leaving the Archeology team there.

”Welp, I am going back topside. ” William took a cursory glance at the body then moved back. ”This is how horror movies happen. Not risking it. ”

”Don be such a coward. ” Isabella, the daughter of one of the people paying for the dig said. Her voice always reeked of ridicule. Well, that or passion when she was on her back having fun. ”You will waste energy going back up. ”

”Fine by me, at least I am in shape. ” William waved her off behind him. ”If some crazy monster comes running out, do slow it down with your bodies for me. ”

The radio only picking up static and a strange hum of sorts.

The other team looked at each other for a bit before following behind to go back up. Slightly spoked eyes darted around the sides wildly. Each of them noticing something peculiar caused by an overactive imagination.

”Dr.William… ” Pete, a Botanist, called out. ”.. we had more lanterns hung up yesterday. I am quite sure of it. ”

William didn answer as he sped up. His hand reaching into his side to grip one of the concealed handguns he carried. Safety off as he prepared for the worst outcome.

”Hey, didn you.. ” Pete shut up when he received an elbow in the side from another member of the dig site. ”That hurt, you know. ” He said in a whisper.

”What do we have here? ” A convict said, coming out from the side. A few lanterns lit up behind him. ”Perfect way to get out of this country is what it is. ”

A total of 6 people came out into the path.

”Shame. ” William opened fire, running directly forward. ”Not ending up in this place like that guy back there! ” Paranoia and quick action generally worked in his favor.

The first gunshot scaring the others enough to cause a panic. The next ones hitting at least four of the targets. A shoulder check to the one blocking the way allowed him to get pass.

”Holyshit! ” Pete cried, running out next. Only turning back to see Isabella get grabbed but getting free after she poked her grabber in the eyes. The convict fell and was then trampled on by the others. ”Oh shit! ”

Topside, they were at least happy the rest of the security team reacted to the gunfire. William said nothing but pointed behind to the others. He moved and switched out his ammo quickly. Reloading completely could wait till later for the used magazine.

”Ha..ha.. ha.. ” Claire, a local ran over to him exhausted. A bit of blood on her boots. ”I can

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