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hundred weapon shop \'s big bob

It was early in the morning. Like in the real world, the ancient world had a sun and a day that followed a 24 hours circle like in the real world.

But there were some differences, the man behind the fact, that almost everywhere in the ancient world, the sun was always seen at the same place, meaning that there was no hour decalage between different places. It was important to know that the ancient world was big, its surface was even bigger than Earths.

There were many theories advanced to explain that phenomenon, but according to the main one, the ancient world was a plane and not a planet like Earth.

At this moment, Teitei was doing some physical exercise. It was not anything special, mainly pushup and sit-ups. He had been used to doing this since he started his preparation to head into the ancient world.

After some time, Teitei stopped, he had reached his objectives and at the same time, he felt exhausted. His body was covered in sweat.

Luckily, he was not wearing his combat uniform. Instead, he was wearing a pair of change clothes.

Detected that host is in a state of exhaustion…

Detected that host undergoing training…

Detecting that host muscles are stimulated by the exercise

The host can use 0.1 hunger points to recover from the state of fatigue

Possible benefits to host a training?

A mechanical voice sounded in Teiteis head. He remained silent for a while. After some time, he sighed.

What happened the day before still felt surreal to him. He out of all people had found a bio hip that worked in the ancient World. A biochip that seemed to have evolved and that seemed able to do things that were impossible to any other technology he had heard about.

At this moment, an interface had appeared in his field of view. It was showing the result of his last training session. The interface was also displaying a simulation of the increase in fitness that he could receive by training while using the hunger point over time.

” if I push my muscle to the limit, and use the hunger point just after to heal myself. I will receive 10 points in fitness during the next 30 days. The increase will only lessen after that.

How many hunger points do I have? ”

Yesterday after discovering the use of the hunger points. Teitei had finished the whole rabbit. he earned 3,23 hunger points after divesting the whole rabbit. It means that the rabbit had earned around him something around 3,5 hunger points.

Teitei also ate some ordinary food, to test a theory. Sadly he did not discover any change or increase in hunger points after the war in his dried ration.

” does it mean that only the food from the ancient world contains that mysterious energy? ” Yepitei deduced after remembering the first notification that the bio hip send.

When Teitei finished eating, he was so excited that he almost wanted to go and hunt another ancient beast.

He only stopped after looking at his dagger which was now a scrap of metal after breaking into two during the fight with the grey-furred rabbit.

He needed to reequip himself before going to hunt.

” heal me! ” Teitei said after thinking for a while.

The next moment, he once again felt a cold and refreshing current going through his body. It was uncomfortable at first but it soon became a pleasing sensation.

Teitei could not help but moan loud. Luckily there was no one nearby. One minute later, he was feeling completely refreshed. All signs of fatigue seemed to have disappeared.

healing completed…

Hunger points remaining: 3,14.


There was no washroom in this living unit as it was one of the cheapest available.

Teitei used a bucket of water and a towel. He washed clean and wore his combat uniform.

After doing all of that, he looked under his mattress. There was a secret compartment, he opened it. Inside, there were all his savings.

” 1000 Francs, ” Teitei said after counting all the money inside.

It was not much considering that Teitei had sold all his possessions on Blue Star and had nothing more on that planet that was the mainland of the human race.

Coming inside the ancient world was the last gamble in this life. He knew from the very beginning that he will die or never go back on Blue Star.

” Who would have thought… ” Yepppitei muttered to himself he seemed to be lost in thought.

But there was a beautiful light shining in his eyes as if life had been given back to them.

” I am going to buy a new weapon. I will also buy some meat. I will collect hunger points, and increase my physical fitness while training.

In this way, I will be able to hunt more beasts in the future.

It is a virtuous circle ”

Teitei finally decided. He was pleased with his simple plan.


When Teitei finally exited his haggard, The sun could already be seen. Many people were walking everywhere inside the settlement.

Teitei walked, in the direction of the mark. It took some time but he finally arrived. With his tinny frame, many people ignored him. Even the stall owners that were calling other people would not consider him as a potential customer considering his get-up.

Teitei saw on a stall a dagger that was similar to the one that he had in the past. It was a second-handed weapon. Teitei approached the stall and started to look at the higher by reflexes.

The owner of the stall was a slightly burly middle-aged man. The man seemed to be joyous to see Someone approaching his stall. He quickly stood up but the next moment when he saw how Teitei was poorly dressed, he quickly deduced that Teitei was a poor newbie.

” if you do not intend to buy, you can go somewhere else, ” the man said unhappily when he saw that Teitei was taking his time to examine his second-handed goods.

Hearing him, Teitei stopped in his track. Not because he did not have money but because he wanted to buy better quality goods. He remembered that his old dagger broke when he was fighting with a rabbit and he almost died at that time.

When Teitei turned away he could still hear the other man grumbling behind him. At this moment Teitei saw the nearby building. It was a place called Hundred weapon shop.

Any other day Teitei would have felt too intimidated to enter such a place. But with good motivation, he decided to take a glance inside.

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