From far away, Teitei could already see a group of familiar structures.

Under the glow of the afternoon sun, a strange alliance between the use of stone and metal could be seen.

A month ago, like many other people, Teitei arrived was teleported to this place, and received quite a shock.

This place was called White plain settlement or wps026.

When the first human arrived in the ancient world, they first discovered that its gravitational pull was stronger than Earths gravity, there were also vicious beasts everywhere, and as if it was not sufficient for some reason, many technological appliances could not work.

People could still use some firearm to kill ancient creatures, but in these cases, their corpses will just disintegrate after the death of the beast.

People finally resolved to create this settlement, where people could live safely in the ancient world. There was no absolute safety in this world with some accidents appearing sometime.

But at least in the settlement, a newcomer could gradually settle themselves and adapt to life in this new world. Later, the stronger they got, the farther away they could venture from the settlement where they spawned. At first, Teitei planned to do just that.

” it is said, that there are some people, who are strong enough to wander between different settlements ” Teiteis thoughts wandered and a gleam seemed to appear in his eyes.

It was a dream for him to achieve something like that. Even better, if he could discover a new settlement and deliver the coordinate to the federation, he would be considered one of his funders and will then become filthy rich.

Teitei was awakened from his thoughts by the sound around him.

As one came closer to the silvery and white walls of the settlement, one could see the stall that had been arranged near the entrance. There were many people, mostly wearing combat uniforms. Many of them were acting like peddlers. Some were buying materials, others were selling them.

Others were selling their service, like meat processing and so on.

Some will glance and highly briefly before looking away.

One needed only a glance at his get-up to know that he was a poor young man and a newbie at that. There was no chance that he will bring them anything worthwhile. At least, it is what they thought.

” They are so wrong! I just have the only biochip that works in the ancient world but no one knows it ” Teitei thought jokingly.

He went through the city, the street was somewhat crowded at this hour. After a while, he finally arrived in front of the door of a haggard.

It is where he lived. It was made of metal instead of stone like the most prosperous building in the settlement. These walls could not protect him if something like a beast tide were to happen, but at least they offered a certain amount of privacy.

There was not much furniture inside. Teitei fell heavily on the bed, exhaling after a long breath. With his aching body now resting, he could now think about the most urgent issue, his new biochip.

He wanted to know why the Biochip could work in the ancient world but he did not want to let anyone else be Aware of his circumstance.

”Show the interface ” Teitei ordered in a low voice.

Analyse the host Physiolical parameters…

Host ?#?#??###??

Status: Injured

Fitness: 5

Dexterity: 5

Resistance: 5

A holographic screen appeared in his field of view combined with a robotic voice that he was the only one to understand.

” it is possible to change the username and input something else? ” Teitei asked as he felt uncomfortable at being called host #???###

Operation impossible the cold mechanical voice could be heard once again.

Teitei wondered in what kind of trouble, he had embarked himself. Once this biochip got connected to the network, it will be hard to not attract unwanted attention due to an ugly name.

” but what is the deal with the attributes that these things are displaying? Is this how it is usually? ” Teitei could not know as he had never used a biochip in the past.

” What is the deal with these terabits worth of files ”

Teitei was initially not so surprised by this amount of data, as some people would often download inside their bio hip a huge amount of data that they will never throughout all their life.

He was still thinking that the last owner of the bio hip was one of these show-offs.

But Teitei was soon shocked by the name of the different files.

File host#?#?#?#2

File host#?#?##?3

File host#?#?#?#4

File host##?#?#??17

Teitei opened one of the files and it showed a film from the first perspective but there was something strange about that. The film seemed to have been captured inside the ancient world, there was no doubt about that considering creatures that could not be seen anywhere else.

But Teitei soon discovered the problem, it was not the perspective of a human but the perspective of a beast. Which mean…

” the last host of this biochip was an ancient beast ” Teitei could not believe it.

The fact that a creature other than a human, even more so a creature of the ancient world lived in a place where most technologies could not work; fact that such a creature could use the biochip was against basic common sense.

There were many such a file, showing another creature inheriting the bio hip from the last one, either by eating it or by eating near its corpse.

Beasts did not know how to erase files from biochips or how to set them to self-destruct after they die.

It made Teitei even more aware of the importance of this biochip.

” This biochip seems to have mutated. It is certainly dangerous to carry it. But at the same time, with all the information about the ancient world that it contains, I can certainly make a fortune ”

Tietei had never had such an opportunity, and after the suffering of the last month, he was conscious of the danger of the ancient world and its rudeness. Tentei knew that he could not miss this chance.

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