All Hail Queen Larisa

Chapter 1. Escape

risa saw the van ready to move, then just in that moment, a plan formulated in her head. She stumbled towards the strangers, then plastered on her face a frown of arrogance. ”Payment? ” She wasn really asking, she was demanding, her palm stretched out forwards.

The man eyed her with disdain. ”And who are you supposed to be? ” He must had not known that she was being chased.

Larisa was fast. ”Its me, Ariane. Hurry up. ” There was a loud thump in her chest, as she feared they would catch on with her lies. The men were behind her, and for some reason, they hadn caught up with her yet. But it was only a matter of time. ”Well? ” She flashed horrendous stare at them, the man and the woman exchanged caution glares, before handing over the stack of cash to her. Larisa couldn be sure of how much was there, but it would have to do.

Just as her hand gripped the money, a mans voice yelled out from behind. ”There! Stop her! ”

The mans face clouded with confusion. ”What? ”

But Larisa had grabbed the money from her, and was already heading straight to the moving van. Walking was not enough, so she stepped on her pace and started to run. The men ran behind her as well, and she heard the man whod mistaken her for Ariane, cried out. It was too late of course, she was not going back to him. The van wasn fast, but as the second went by, it began to increase speed.

Larisa felt her heart beating rapidly, and her leg muscles weakened like they couldn continue further, however, Larisa wasn a quitter. The back of the van was opened, and so with all of her strength, Larisa jumped in and rolled into the van, but unfortunately, she had missed a heave of rock that was in front.

Her vision darkened and before she knew it, her eyes grew heavy and shut off.


Why would you put a rock in a van?

Larisa thought as her eyes opened back to life. Thank God she was still alive. The bus driver hadn noticed a thing, and that was good news for her. Also it meant good news because the truck would be taking her straight to the city where her new life would begin.

Many thoughts crossed her mind as she imagined what life in the city would be like. It would not be easy, but she was determined. She would overcome it and become a powerful woman, even more powerful than Lincoln. Than her aunt and all of her household. It was just a matter of time, and lot of hard work.

The inside of the truck had fresh new oranges filling half of the space, whilst the other half where shed been staying was empty. Not entirely though, rocks and some woods were there, along with some bags of unknown goods. Larisa picked up one orange and hungrily ate after peeling the skin off. The last time shed eaten was the night before, and she was only able to manage some bits of leftovers at home.

The truck came to an halt, and she noticed the driver had parked in a desolated area. There was nothing but a long empty tiled road with bushes at its sides. Heavy footsteps was heard, and they were coming closer.

She hardened her heart and prepared her mind for the worst.

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