All Hail Queen Larisa

Chapter 1. Escape

The moving car accelerated forward, and Larisa jumped out of it.

”Uh! Help me! ” She should had died, but getting rid of Larisa Isador would not be that simple. Her arms hurt like hell and her eyes darkned into the void of misery. She instantly rose up from the ground, and plodded into the rural village of Lincasa.

Alone in the busy areas, she limped on injured foot, trying to find a smiley face to save her. Though Larisa was not a princess in need of a prince charming, nor did she liked being a damsel in distress. She needed help now!

She had been kidnapped by Lincoln Santias, the chief of the small village of Lincasa, and she needed help else he would come back for her and kill her. But where to run to when everyone, even the police, feared this unfortunate kidnapper. He wanted to sexually assault her as he normally did to the other innocent ladies of the village, but she had stood up to him. No one was ever foolish enough to do so. But she had to speak her mind, and nicely turned him down. This had raged Lincoln, and so, he plotted to her demise by kidnapping her.

Stains of blood followed her every footstep as Larisa advanced into the market place.

She might had escaped him temporarily, but not for good.


The hired thugs whod kidnapped Larisa had been searching for her already.

The thugs traced the stained footsteps and found her lead towards the market way, and the followed. After few running paced steps, they located her and before them was the ingrate whod turned down their master. ”There! There she is! ” One of the men, the hugest amongst them announced.

Larisa heard the husky voice and turned to see them already gaining up on her trail.

She had no friends in the town, only enemies. Tortuous eyes fell on her as she made her way into the busy areas. Larisas brown hair had been scattered into a mess, and she was on a tattered long gown that had already been torn and damaged by the hooligans whod abducted her earlier. Larisas sharp brown eyes scanned the area for help, but all she saw were hypocrites who only looked in awe at her for the show she was putting on for them.

She never knew her parent, because all her life, shed lived with her aunt Regina and her family. They treated her poorly because she was a nobody and had nothing. Life had been nothing but hellish for her since she was a little girl. Even if she ran home over to them, they would only return her back to Lincoln and his thugs of friends again and history would repeat itself.

There was no home to run to anymore, and there was no hero to save her. She was her own hero now, and she would save herself from that mess no matter the cost.

There was a huge van in the market area, a container filled with fresh oranges that had just been harvested and was to be taken to the big city of Ettavile.

Just beside her, two people were talking; a man and a woman.

”You, wheres Ariane? ” The man said to the woman who just stared blankly. ”Where is she? ”

”I don know, lets wait till she comes so we can give her the payment. ”


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