After The Villain Survived The Novel

3. The World Of Cultivators

In my previous life i was just an orphan with nothing in my hands but now even though the fact that I don have a single relationship didn change, this world is the place I lived in for so long, Im successful and rich in this world and have the most handsome face.

If I decide to go back to the old world everything i have now will be lost and even the knowledge i have will have to gain once again due to the different working of both of the worlds.

This world may be what i call a novel world but after the laws of fate and luck are removed this is just a normal world like the previous one with no protagonist or villain, so i don think there is a problem now in living in this world.

”No ”

[Ding! The higher being is very surprise by your decision]

[The higher being has given the host a surprise gift package do you wish to open?]

[Yes] [No]

This new message once again made Lucifer surprised, in the past years since he arrived in this world he never got anything from the higher being and everything he gained was all by himself and with the help of the instant mastery system.

”Open the package ”

Lucifer finally said in excitement of getting something from the higher being.

[Ding! Opening Surprise Gift Package]

[You got memories of the parallel future]

[You got the new system, Mythical Multiplier System]

[Ding! A new system detected]

[Ding! The systems are integrating]

[Ding! the system is upgrading]

[The upgrade might take a few days, the host is put in the unconscious state]

”Arrgh- ”

A heavy headache struck Lucifer along with his chest which felt like it would rip apart before he lost consciousness.


”Thank you for taking care of me ”

”It was my duty sir ”

”Ok can you leave me alone for a while ”

”Yes Sir ”

The burly bodyguards took their leave as I told them too.

After i lost my consciousness my personal A.I. reported my condition to the staff who took me out in this hospital which i made myself.

The doctor just said that all of this was due to the stress and negligence of not taking proper care of myself.


”System ”

”.. ”

”System ”

”.. ”

”Sigh so it was true, it means this world is no longer the world of urban novels it was supposed to be ”

After the package i received from the so-called higher being my mood is kind of upset.

According to the information I got from the **er, it said that since the game of the fate has ended the system will be stripped off and there will be no way to contact the higher being ever again if the being didn wish so.

I may have been stripped of the system with intellect which the higher being gave to me but the instant mastery and mythical multiplier system which he gave me is now completely bound with me, making it being with me permanently but it is not an intellectual system as before.

”Status ”


”Its still twenty seven minutes for the system to activate ”

Sigh lets not think about the system for now there is a much more important question in front of me now

”Why has this world suddenly changed into a cultivation world ”

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