A Simple Discourse

Batman calls, Killer runs.

”No, I eat children for lunch, and pathetic bitches for breakfast. So Ill watch my words if I were you, Georgette. ”

I chuckle as I drag my best friend away from the blonde beauty, to our next class.

”Its too early in the morning to deal with her. Believe me, Id let you go all batshit crazy on her ass but I won get any real entertainment out of it if coffee doesn enter me. ” I grumble once we sit and ignore her glare.

”You really should get your own coffee in the mornings, Killer. I feel like the friend of a bully. ”

As if on cue, Joanne appears with a steaming cup of coffee.

”Freshly made with extra whipped cream. ”

I notice the new highlights on her blond hair and watch her skip away, comfortably walking through the open door.

I glance at the mahogany door and sigh. The school really should change the doors. I am forced to bend to walk through them whenever I wear heels.

”Joanne never complains. ” I shoot back, warming my hands with the cup.

”Thats because she thinks doing your bidding would make her cool. ” Her eyes follow Joanne as she steps through the door. ”She is so down to earth, literally. ”

”Okay, mean Himari is not needed here. Whats bothering you? Youve been snapping at everything since I saw you this morning. ”

She twirls a strand of black hair round her finger and looks everywhere but at me.

”Whatever could you mean? Im dandy! Just great. ”

”You sit on a throne of lies. ”

She gives it up and sighs.

”Fine. Aaron won be changing schools like they said. ”

”Like you said. You said he was changing schools because of Georgettes return! ” Her eyes widen and she raises a hand in surrender.

Her basketball bracelets catch a sun ray and I watch them, amazed at her dedication to our team.

”Look, I got the information from a reliable source. He must have changed his mind or something. You said yourself that the demon in him could decide it wasn done tormenting you and make him stay. ”

I take a large gulp of the coffee to calm myself down, letting the cream line my lips to annoy her. Perfectionist that she is.

”I jinxed myself. And to think I would have had an Aaron-free senior year. So his summer with all those hot Paris girls wasn enough to make him want to leave this place? Paris girls have disappointed me. ”

Relieved I am not mad at her, Himari smiles.

”You must be cursed. ”

A hush falls on the class as a man I have seen around school steps in.

”Hello guys. Im Dave Fernando and I will be your Chemistry teacher this year. Im sure a lot of you would be sad to leave Mrs Sharon for the grade 11 students but I promise you Ill try my best to make learning chemistry as enjoyable as our friend over there finds her coffee. ”

It takes five seconds for that to sink in, though the sharp sting I feel on my rear helps.

”I take it you like whipped cream. Im a big fan of sweets too. Whats your name? ”

This is one of the moments I am thankful for my inability to blush. Clammy hands I can hide, a blush, not so much.

I put on my impassive face, perfected after years of training and perform a mini dance in my head at the steady voice that hides my mortification.

Damned whipped cream.

”Tequila Wilson. ” Once that is out the way, I subtly lick my creamy moustache off.

”Unique name. Ive heard of you. You won the Junior science championship. ”

Since it was not a question, I nod and give my nails all my attention. Himari would resort to dragging me by the hair to get a manicure if she sees the state they are in.

”Okay then class, today well start with introductions. Any volunteers? Miss Wilson has opened the floor. ”

”Im Georgette Sylvester. Daughter of the famous Sylvester Peterson of Sylvester and Co automobile industries. I am delighted to be back here after a year of traveling the world. Im sure youve heard all about me though. ”

”Im sure nobody cares. ” Himari deadpans.

Im sure the whole class let out a sigh of frustration.

This girl.

She is obviously trying to outdo me since I began. I take a good look at her and notice the changes.

One obvious change is how she fits into her height. She is not tall and lanky, neither does she have that awkward slouch I had always tried to get her to straighten.

Her platinum blonde hair frames her heart shaped face like a beautiful silver waterfall. It is quite possibly the only natural thing she adores about herself.

It is her eyes, for me. Splendidly vivid blue eyes that seem to be looking into your soul at every glance.

Her lips are set in a pout, obviously to draw attention to their nature; full and pink.

Fuchsia wool top tucked into white shorts, completed with cute white sneakers complement her slender shape and flawless skin.

”Yes. I have heard of you. You are the girl who made her bodyguard hit a nine year old for running into you. ” Daves words pull me out of my reverie and a brow shoots up. Teachers are kept in the loop then.

Her nostrils flare and for a second, her porcelain face contorts into a snarl. She schools it immediately and pinches her lips into an almost-thin line since they are too big to be pinched into a perfect line.

Dave watches the spectacle with such unveiled amusement that the corners of my lips curl up. He gets my stamp of approval.

”Not only was he nice to you, he also dissed queen bitch in the same minute. I like him. ” Himari whispers as other

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