Flying Monsters, Blackened stone, and gigantic. basilisks and pillars all in a red and black tint of stone.

Nothing wants me to stay, my body is trembling in fear, each step is fueling the possibility of me being seen by one of the flying or walking monsters that are just waiting to find and eat me.

In my current state everything would be better even death! Id appreciate death but that is hard to say. Ive never mentioned how these monsters look like..

The flying monsters look like the carcass of a giant bird no feathers just flesh and bones its as tall as a man 7 feet tall if not even more. they make sounds that make your imagination cry in fear, as well believing that hell is real. I cannot explain the sound it makes it just pure terror when you hear it.

These walking monstrosities are at least 9 feet tall. And as the flying type only made out of bones and a little flesh here and there, they don make sounds either while walking or even running. they feast on each other when hungry. Ive been here for about an hour now I believe anyway. most importantly, they can be distracted by throwing an object in a direction that can make a sound.

It gives me hope that I might even go home. but that doesn mean itll happen, they are really fast and I need to sneak and not stumble or anything. * I have a really bad balance, as well as footing *

As I am hiding behind a solid stone big enough to hide my frame, I observe the situation. Two on the left and three on the right, all are walking. nothing in the sky currently. my best choice is to throw a bone in the direction of the others to get them all over together.

As I am ready to throw I get spotted!

SHIT WHAT DO I DO, my thoughts are rash, my eyes spot a small opening inside of the stone at the bottom and I push myself in there and pray to God that they are not strong enough to push it over. Everything is irrational at this point.

My first thoughts were about my family and how Ill miss them if I die here and its not a dream that would be it. My second thought was my friends, close acquaintances and people if met because I never was the best friend or the best acquaintance really.

Right, when those thoughts crossed my mind I woke up like nothing happened but I had bruises and cuts all over my body like I was in the woods and ran.

”It was a dream? but everything that happens inside if it will hurt my physical body! this is hideous but a really good start for my research!.

Lets hope it gets better soon!

As my research began in my small apartment, I was searching through the internet if people had those types of dreams before. I got lucky on a certain post of a user which name I won disclose.

But he explains my Suspicion that I had was correct: ”It is a dream, itll kill you if you don watch out! I have no idea where it came, or what the origin is but I was able to find out that this Hellish land is on another planet. And they kill humans on a regular basis! ”

This is big information for me, as I write every single bit of information on a notebook I keep I realize a post below the one he originally posted. which said: ”If you have those dreams. Text me over this email or phone number. Im getting scared and Im losing my mind ”

I write the number and the Email in my notebook and think very long and hard about giving him a call. I think I will say, but probably tomorrow after I made some research count.

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