A Killer’s Love

Chapter 3 (Guest)

Ash woke up early today, he was sleeping on a floor and suddenly on a bed. Next to Ash was Owen…


” No cussing ” Owen opened his eyes looking at Ashs scared face.

”I didn get comfortable on the floor so I slept on my bed again. ” -Owen


”Stop with the staring and start moving, Im bringing you to the hospital today. I already made an appointment, no excuse, no running and not getting away from me. ”

Ash was still trying to process the whole thing, while Owen got up and was going to his bathroom to change.

WHAT DO I DO?? Ash thought for a while.

”Can you get up? ” Owen glared at Ash.

”Yes, yes I can. ” Ash was scared to be turned in by the man.

”Lets go now, don worry I won hurt you kiddo. ” -Owen

Ash walked out with other bodyguards, they went to the counter. Ash was petrified.

”You alright there? ” Milan asked, she was one of the bodyguards.

”Yes, its just painful, ” Ash replied.

They kept walking to their car and got in, they drove for a few minutes until ”Why are you helping me? ” Ash suddenly asked.

Then a red light, Maurie stepped on the brake and the car stopped immediately. Ash wasn wearing their seatbelt and just suddenly hit their head on the cars compartment.

”AIYOOO, SHIT MAN, ” Ash mumbled while rubbing their head with their hand.

Owen took Ashs hands off their head and checked if there was anything serious. ”Nothings wrong, its just red, ” Owen said calmly.

Owen blew some air into the injury to make less pain. Ash was calmer somehow.

”Sir, we
e here. ” Maurie said.

Ash turned pale, and Owen saw it. ”Hey… you alright? ” No answer, Owen spoke again. ”Are you alright there? ”

Still no answer…

”Hey… ” Owen put his hand on Ashs shoulder.

One-touch, Ash was shocked and just slapped Owen even without thinking.

Ash widen their eyes, knowing what they did.

”I-IM SORRY… ” Ash didn know what to do now. .

”Hey! Hey, don worry. We will help you alright? ” Owen tried to calm Ash down.

”Do you need anything? ” -Owen

”Mask… ” Ash whispered.

”Im sorry, what? ” Owen spoke.

”MASK ” Ash grabs Owens collar.

”All right, if you just calm down and I can help you. ”

Owen smiled while Milan grabbed a mask for Ash, and they went into the hospital.

Ash was quickly sent to the sugery room, 1 hour later…

Ash came out perfectly fine.

A nurse walked to Owen.

”Your friend was special, Their wound wasn serious so they don need to stay here. ” -Nurse

”Alright, do I need to do anything else? ” Owen asked.

”Just need to pay and then you may go ” -Nurse

”Sure, how much? ” -Owen

After paying, Owen helped Ash back to his car.

Surgeon- ”Call the police, we have a killer on the lose. ”

Surgeon- ”Also, did the cyan hairs man name, address and phone number? ”

Nurse- ”Umm… About that i forgot. ”


Nurse- ”Don we have his blood after the surgery? ”

The surgeon quickly ran back to the surgery room, ”Where are my utensils?! ” He shouted

”Here ” a doctor washed the utensils all clean and shiny.

The surgeon fainted just by looking at the shining utensils.

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