I feel like I know that girl…Where did I see her before? Kain thought as he stared at the girl hiding behind a tree and staring at the bakerys entrance that Arties had just gone in.

Is she one of his fangirls? No…I don think so… Kain decided to just talk to her and ask her what was her objective. It was much simpler than just guessing.

Kari felt a tap on her shoulder and she turned around. She would have fallen on her bum if it wasn for the tree she was leaning on. Kain?! What was he doing here? She narrowed her eyes.

”Uhm, hi. Do you need anything? ” She asked. Kain recognises that voice. ”Jess…? ” He said.

Surprised, He mistook me for the girl which was on the tree….a few days ago…I guess I have to act. ”Wait…How did you know my name? ” She asked, suspicion lacking her voice.

”Do you not recognise my voice? Its me Kain, one of the guys you met like a few days ago at night. ” Kain said.

”Ohhh! Its you! I didn expect to see you here. How did you know it was me? It was pretty dark when we met each other. ” Kari had to give a compliment to herself for her good acting skills.

”Your voice is pretty recognizable. ” He replied.

”Anyways, what are you even doing? ”

”…Spying? ” She said with a sheepish expression.

”Do you like Arties or something? ” (Kain)

”What!? No! Of course not! Are you crazy? ” (Kari)

”Then why are you staring so intensely at the entrance? Mind you, it looks pretty creepy. ” (Kain)

”It does? Well- Im not spying on Arties okay! I-…Im just doing something okay? (Kari)

”Yeah right, you just told me you were spying. ” (Kain)

”UGH! Ignore that okay?! Leave me alone! ” Kari said in annoyance.

”Nope, I wanna see what you
e up to. ” Kain refused with a smirk on his face.

”No! Go away! ” Kari hissed.

”Yea, no. ” (Kain)

Kari made a ch sound. She then heard the bell ring, signalling someone exiting the door. Just as she had expected, Amelia and Arties had exited at the same time and were chatting with each other.

Kain raised an eyebrow at the scene. ”Is this what you wanted to see Jess? ” He asked. She impulsively nodded vigorously.

Kari widened her eyes when her mind analyse the question and realised what she had done and quickly shake her head.

Kain might have her head! It will obviously look like she set them up.

”Oh? So quick to decline? ” Kain asked, Oh

God…Im screwed…Kari cried out.

”Did you set them up? ” His voice is cold as his once friendly eyes turn menacing.

”No! I…I didn set them up…you can ask Amelia herself! She wanted to go to the bakery to get some bread okay! How am I supposed to know that Arties also likes the bakery!? ”

Despite her glaring at him, Kari could still feel sweat trickling down the side of her face.

”I guess THATS true. You couldn really predict it. Thats impossible. ” (Kain)

”See! I was telling the truth. ” (Kari)

”Despite that, why the hell are you stalking them you weirdo, ” Kain asked with an eyebrow raised, questioning Kari.

”I-Uh, I me-mean- I…don know…? ” Kari stammered nervously as she gave a slight shrug.

Kari gave a slight cough, Need to find a way to escape… She breathed in, opened her eyes and gave a slight wave to Kain,

”Well, I gotta gooooo soooooooo I will see you next time! ” She dashed off, not letting Kain speak any further as she left him in the dust.

Kain looked at the figure getting smaller and further away from him. His eyes twitched and his furrowed. ”Why you… ” He clenched his fist and gave a small frown.

I feel humiliated! No one ever escaped from me like this. Especially in a conversation! Tsk.


Kari stared at the pink-haired boy lying on the bed. Isabella had helped clean up the boy and changed his clothes. Kari leaned forward. Suddenly, the boy started blinking, as he winced and opened his eyes.

His purple eyes bathed in confusion. ”W-where…? ”

e finally awake! Are you okay? ” Kari asked as she carefully helped the boy to sit up.

”Ye-yea… ” He replied as he checked his wounds, ”Uhm, thank you for helping me… ” Kari grinned,

”Its no problem! If you don mind me asking, what happened to you? ”

The boy widened his eyes as his mind flashed back to the horrible memories.

Kari could see that the boy was shaking slightly. She frowned, ”Hey, its okay. You
e fine now. ”

She comforted him with a gentle smile.

The boy nodded slowly, ”Whats your name? ” She asked.

”Sazuki. ” He replied, ”Do you have any parents? ” Sazuki shakes his head.

e an orphan I assume? ” He nodded. ”I see… ” Sazukis stomach then growled and he blushed in embarrassment.

Kari chuckled, ”Looks like your hungry. Im gonna go cook some food okay? ” She got up and headed to the kitchen.

”We get to taste Masters cooking! ” Isabella suddenly exclaimed, scaring the poor boy.

”Don shout so suddenly Isabella, you scared the poor boy, ” Pyshic said as he gave the boy an apologetic look. Isabella apologised which made the boy flustered.

Delta started bombing him with questions after another, Psyhic just decided to go read a book from the shelf again, Austin started playing with his scythe and Yuki went back to sleep.

”Food is ready! Surround the dining table please. ” Kari announced as she started placing the food on the table.

Isabella appeared at the table in an instant as Delta led the boy to the table.

Pyshic finally put down his book after being tugged on the shirt a millionth time by Yuki.

Austin was already seated at the table before the others, his eyes showing a look of greed at the mouth-watering food.

Everyone was sitting at the table and Lari signalled the start of dinner. ”Lets eat well! ” She said happily.


4 boys were in the student council room doing different things. Suddenly, Kain spoke out, ”Guys, do you remember Jess? ”

Xlec looked up from his mountain of paperwork on his desk, ”You mean the girl we met at night a few days ago? Yea, why? ”

”Arties, I assume Jess is going to this school. Can you find her file? ” Kain asked. Arties nodded without questioning and started searching for multiple names that start with J.

After a few hours of searching…

Arties frowned heavily as he closed another thick file. ”Guys…believe it or not, I can find her… ” Damon looked up with a raised eyebrow, ”Can find her? Are you sure? ” Arties nodded. ”Thats weird… ” Kain mumbled as he held his chin, in deep thought.

Xlec mumbled, ”She could be a graduate… ” Kain shakes his head, ”Judging from her height and voice, its more likely that shes of our age. ”

”Then why can we find her file? ” Xlec refuted back. Kain shrugged, ”I don know if I see her again. Then I shall ask. Besides, its impressive that she could break into this schools security system if she was a graduate. ” He grinned at the others.

Xlec sighed, ”I guess I could make some improvements to the security if I ask her how she manage to get in. But if shes a student here…we….get a new….friend… ” Xlec mumbled to himself that last part.

”Yep, well Im gonna go to class first. ” Kain exited the student council room as the others hurried to finish their work.

Back with Kari….

Kari had asked her spirit pets to accompany Sazuki out of town today and protect him from any danger.

She handed Sazuki some money and told him to buy whatever he wanted and reminded him that besides him, no one else could see the spirit pets.

So he shouldn talk to thin air looking like a delusion boy.

Kari then hurried off to class, stumbling into history class as she made eye contact with Amelia who waved at her energetically.

Kari gave a helpless smile and made her way over there, ignoring the constant glares from other girls who were basically drilling their holes into Amelias face, now it was the back of Karis head that was being drilled.

”Kari! Guess what happened yesterday! ” Amelia said. ”What happen? ” Kari asked with an amused tone, she already knew what had happened.

”I had met Prince Arties along the way and I found out he liked the sweets at the bakery too! Ah yes! ” Amelia clapped both of her hands together, ”I got something for you, Kari. ” She reached into her bag and pulled out a vanilla muffin, blushed heavily as she handed it to Kari who was stunned.

”Why…thank you… ” Kari said as her eyes sparkled at the sight of the muffin. It was her first time in two lives receiving a gift from someone.

”Its no problem! ” Amelia smiled widely as she saw Kari handling the muffin with extra care.

The teacher then walked in, signalling the start of class.


”Oh, Shadi. Your back? ” Kari asked as she placed her bag on the carpeted floor and sat on the sofa, exhausted.

”Yea, I just got back from my duties, ” Shadi replied, his eyes glued to the TV, watching a new anime, Danganronpa while eating a bag of chips.

”Thats great, you see our new member? Sazuki. ” Kari took out her phone and started reading online novels.

Shadi grunted in agreement, ”Do you know his attribute? I can find out what it is. ” Kari asked.

”Bring him to the forest and you will, ” Shadi said with a knowing smile. Kari looked at him with narrowed eyes and sighed, ”Alright. But if he gets injured. Im coming after you with no food cooked by me for 3 months. ”

Shadi nodded, not caring anyway, she only knew how to cook one dish. Just on time, Sazuki burst in with a brown bag stuffed with things he had bought from town. Seeing Kair on the sofa, he dropped the bag in an instant and rush over to her.

Tackling her, ”Woah! Sazuki, you are back! How was the trip? ” Sazuki looked up with bright sparkling eyes, Kari chuckled, ”Fun, I assume? ”

He vigorously nodded. Kari rubbed his head affectionately, ”Thats great, can you please go up and change? Im bringing you somewhere. ”

Sazukis eyes widened curiously before he opened his mouth a little, ”Ok big sister. ” His voice rang out.

Kari froze as she heard his voice, she resisted hugging Sazuki and scaring him, as he got up and went to change.

Kari clenched her fist, ”Hes so cute and innocent… ” Shadi chuckled mysteriously, ”I wouldn think that… ”

Kari frowned as she took in his words and understood what he said, ”Oh…two-faced…thats understandable I guess. I can just turn a blind eye anyways…

Sazuki appeared in casual clothing.

Kari nodded in approval and got up, gesturing for Sazuki to follow her.

~At the forest~

”Big sister, what are we doing in the forest? ” Sazuki asked curiously. ”To find out your attribute. ”

Sazuki froze as his mind flashed back to dark memories. ”Don be worried, I think I know what it is. Stay here for a moment, I need to get something to show what your ability is. ” Sazuki gulped and nodded.

Kari sprinted off using her voidability to warp. Find a harmless cautious animal….

She closed her eyes and widened the range of her magic, scanning animal by animal. Suddenly, her eyes opened, she immediately changed the direction she was sprinting in and headed to another.

Kari stopped sprinting, looking at the animal before her, in the shape of a rabbit.

She took out a magic trap in the shape of a Pokeball she had ordered online. Lining up her arm, she hooked onto the spot and threw the ball, the ball flew towards the animal at high speed, stopping suddenly a few cms away and opening its mouth.

A bright light shined out of it and sucked in the animal.

Kari grinned as she got out from her hiding spot and walked towards it, her hand grabbing it and tossing it in the air before catching it.

She put it in her space storage and hurried back. Worried for Sazuki.

Sazuki got startled when he heard a voice, dust flowing around as Kari landed in front of him suddenly. Sazuki coughed for a bit as Kari tried to clear the dust.

Once the dust was settled, Sazuki saw Kari take out a ball and set it on the ground.

Pressing the round circle in the middle, the ball opened and a bright line shined out of it, the animal appearing in an offensive stance.

Kari backed away and watched from afar as Sazuki looked at the animal with a confused look.

The animal sniffed before it went to Sazuki, it rubbed its head against his leg which surprised Sazuki, he resisted the urge to move his leg away and pet it reluctantly.

Surprised to see it not getting angry or agitated. He smiled unknowingly as he looked at the animal.

A sudden clap interrupted the moment, he then remembered Kari who was grinning at him. ”I was correct, you have animal taming! ” Kari said as she went over to him, gesturing to the animal who was hiding behind Sazukis leg as the animal stared at her frightened.

”Animal…Taming..? I never heard of that attribute before.. ” He asked with furrowed eyebrows.

Kari giggled, ”Thats because its a forgotten attribute! Now, do you wanna take that thing home? ” Kari gestured to the animal. Sazuki looked at it, before shaking his head.

Before leaving, Shadi had informed her of something called forgotten attributes. Basically, they were attributes that were, well, forgotten due to how long it has been since the last person had gotten them.

And the last animal-taming attribute user was about 700,000 years ago. She assumed it had died off because it was dangerous, and Kari could see that if Sazuki were to tame terrifyingly powerful monsters in this world.

”No…I don have the responsibility yet. ” Kari nodded, ”Okay then. Well, lets go, shall we? ” Kari held out her hand. Sazuki stared at it before taking it and smiling at her.

”Okay. ”

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