Emmy walked up to Amelia with her hand raised. She swung her hand towards Amelias face, only to be stopped by someone who held her wrist. Her eyes widened as she turned angrily to the person who stopped her.

Only to be surprised as she saw Xlec, one of the famous crown princes at the academy. She stumbled back as she faced the glaring eyes of Xlec who was staring at her.

”Now, Miss Delby. I don think that behaviour is allowed here. ” He spoke harshly with a cold voice. ”I think you should take a break from this place. Please head to the discipline office now. ” Emmy frozen and soon slumped down to the ground.

”I am sorry…Please don … ” She stammered as tears welled up in her eyes.

She could imagine the looks on her parents faces when she got into trouble in the first week. Even worse, they will…

”Im sorry, but if you had thought and read the school rules, you wouldn be in this position. Miss Delby, I will not take back my word. ” Xlec said with a look of disdain on his face. Emmy nodded slowly, got up and left.

Meanwhile, Kari had an excited look on her face. Ooooooo, a lackey is in trouble~ Gosh this is beyond exciting!

She stuffed another potato chip in her mouth, as she watched the play in front of her. She watched as the blue-haired girl and her remaining lackey backed away and left. Well, at least they weren that shameless to lie to their faces that they were trying to protect her. Kari snickered.

”Are you alright? ” Xlec checked Amelia for any injuries. Amelias face was completely red as she saw Xlecs face inches closer and closer. She immediately bowed, ”Tha-thank you for your help! ” She stammered as she squeezed her eyes shut.

Her heart beating loudly. Xlec gave her an eye closed smile, ”Its my duty Miss Switer. I hope you have a good day. ” Amelia nodded vigorously, thanked him again and walked off hastily.

Looks like the drama is over. Sadly, I didn see a kabedon. Oh well, better luck next time i guess. I better teleport back to my space room. Kari thought, she was smiling brightly as she had watched a very satisfying drama. She disappeared among the leaves.

Unfortunately for Xlec, he was too late to find Kari among the leaves. He walked closer to the trunk and looked up. He frowned as his eyes showed displeasure. He turned to see his friends a bit further away from the tree.

Arties had told the others that someone was hiding up there as he felt its presence. Xlec was curious and volunteer to go find out what is it but had to be stopped as he saw a case of violence in front of him.

Honestly, he would have left them alone and ignored it. But it might damage his reputation so he didn . He shakes his head at his friends as he walked toward them. ”I didn see anyone. Are you sure that you felt someone, Arties? ” He asked.

”Positive. I felt someone, but after you helped that girl. The presence disappeared. ” Arties said.

”But thats weird, how could the presence just disappear? It just doesn make sense. ” Kain said.

”I don know….-Wait! It could have teleported. ” Arties concluded.

”The void attribute? But the school records show no one with a void attribute and I looked through it. ” Damon said with a raised eyebrow.

”Then…is someone hiding one of their attributes? ” Arties thought.

”Thats not possible, they have all taken the test to test their attributes from a young age and from what I know, its not possible to hide your attributes from it, ” Kain informed.

The boys didn have any ideas about who it could be and eventually gave up. The person was in school and they were sure they could find it.


2 classes later…

(Current Class–> Spirit Training)

Shit Shit Shit! Im late! Oh no! I shouldn have gone in my space room to get a quick drink. I internally panicked and cried until I came to my senses. I was running in a direction that I didn even know of!

I slowed down and reached into my bag, grabbing my schedule out from my space bag. I pulled it out and looked at it.

Next class is outside; in the forest! Thats so far! Im definitely going to get scolded and get detention! I sobbed internally when I had pinpointed where I was on the school map memorised in my head.

~10 Minutes Later~

Finally, she had reached the forest which was on the other side of the school.

Unfortunately, she was 5 minutes late. Kari could just feel the dread rising within her as her magic teacher turned and glared at her. ”Im sorry! ” Kari bowed as she apologise with imaginary tears running down her face.

”Hmph! I shall excuse you as its your first lesson. But I won give you any mercy if your late next time! ” Her teacher scolded her. Kari nodded and looked within the crowd of students, spotting Amelia.

She grinned and went over to her.

”Kari! Are you alright? ” Amelia asked in a hushed, concerned tone. ”Yea! Im good. Lets pay attention to the lesson, shall we? ” Kari said.

Amelia smiled and nodded, turning her attention back to the teacher.

”Class, I hope you are all very excited today as you will be getting your spirit pet! If some of you don know what a spirit pet is. Let me explain it to you. A Spirit Pet is a companion that will stay with you forever.

Its soul is connected to yours and will die when you die. Spirit pets can help you during battles or situations. They can have attributes that you don have and can cast and help you during battles if you command them. If you have the same attribute as them. You can strengthen your chants!

Or if they are smart enough, they will do it on their own without you asking. It is possible to have more than 1 spirit pet, but its incredibly almost impossible to have more than one as only one human in history managed to have more than one.

Spirit pets are classified into three different ranks. Common, Rare and Legendary. Your destined spirit pets should have a close amount of mana or the same amount of mana as you.

The common pets are the ones that most people get and do not have high enough intelligence to have their own conscious to perform things without you commanding them. They usually have small forms such as a rabbit or mouse. They also normally have a common or if lucky, an uncommon attribute.

The rare pets have a slightly lower chance of getting. They have enough intelligence to tell when you are in a situation in which you need help.

However, for extra spells such as defensive spells as you are fighting the opponent but are not in need of help yet, your pet will not help you. You will need to command them in order to do it. They usually have a larger form. Such as a leopard or tiger. They normally have an uncommon attribute or if lucky, have a rare attribute.

The legendary pets are very hard to come by. People with royal blood have a higher chance of getting it compared to the commoners and nobles. However, it is still possible for commoners and nobles to get one.

These pets have high human intelligence to notice the situations to do things and what you need. They are able to do extra spells and normally have very powerful attributes. They usually have the forms of mythical creatures. Such as unicorns and phoenixes.

They will either have a rare or legendary attribute but the chances of getting a legendary attribute are extremely rare to come by.

Do you understand? ” The teacher said.

Everyone nodded. The teacher explained how to find their spirit pets before sending them off.

”Good, please get into groups of two and find a place to summon your spirit pet. You can pick anywhere you want to sit except beyond the barrier.

Kari looked at Amelia and Amelia nodded. Kari grinned and looked around. She spotted a tiny hole in one of the bushes.

Found it! Thats the place where Amelia summoned her legendary pet! Kari grabbed Amelias hand and dragged her over to the bush. She bend down and crawled through the tiny hole, signalling for Amelia to do the same.

A wonderful sight laid before them. There was a medium-sized lake with a waterfall splashing down among the rocks, creating mist. There were flowers growing on the ground and the trees surrounding the place. It looked like paradise.

Amelia gasped at the sight as her eyes shined brightly. ”Wow! This place is beautiful! How did you find this Kari!? ” Amelia exclaimed. Eheheh….you actually found it…

”I didn know this was such a beautiful place. I, at first, wanted a secluded spot away from the others. And I spotted the hole so, well. I thought it was a good place. ” Kari lied, displaying an embarrassing expression to make her lie more believable.

”You must have pretty amazing luck then! ” Amelia said as she admired her surroundings.

”Stop staring Amelia! We should start finding our Spirit Pets! ” Kari reminded. Amelia came back to her senses and sat down, deciding to position herself at the edge of the lake.

Kari walked further away from the lake and saw a tree. She decided to sit down behind the tree. Kari breathed in and out and closed her eyes. Finding the thread of mana.


I opened myself, surprised to see a galaxy surrounding in front of me. I looked around, admiring the newfound place. I could see shimmering, translucent white figures which I assumed were my classmates. I also saw the shapes of animals right next to them.

Wow….this is amazing…I then noticed a thick white line. Seemingly leading me to a secluded spot. It…It looks like a pathway….

I followed it and the human figures around me lessened more and more until there were none.

I was still walking along the path when I heard voices. I stopped and listened to what they were saying.

”I hope we get a masters this year! ” A cute girlish voice said.

”Youve said that every year and we got none. I think you
e jinxing it. ” A male voice with a mocking tone came next.

”Hey! Thats not true. Your so mean! ” The girlish voice sounded again.

”U-uh, I think we should stop arguing… ” A female spoke out with a timid tone.

”Thats because we have much much more mana than humans. Its basically impossible for us to get a master. ” Another Male voice said. Silencing the argument.

I paused, then I decided to hesitantly walked further. Turning left as I saw multiple demi-human figures.

”W-what the?! ” I blurted out as I saw them. All their eyes immediately turn to me as I stared at them. My eyes sparkling.

Oh my god! Look at their ears and outfits! So aesthetic. And those fluffy ears…

With brownish-black hair shoulder-length hair, the tip of his hair a light red, along with his light yellow eyes and tanned skin, he was adorning a black-striped yukata with a symbol of a dragon on the sleeves. And there was a katana saya by his waist. And his hands in short black gloves. Zeke was a dragon and his attribute was void.

A young boy with raven black hair and red eyes, with two horns protruding from his head, was wielding a scythe, dressed in a black hoodie and black jeans, along with black boots. This boy was Austin and hes one of the Grim Reapers. His Attribute is Destruction.

A tall lanky man, with shoulder-length cream hair colour, he had lemon-yellow eyes, with a forehead ornament. With three tear-shaped azure jewels joined together by a string, and a black rose at the end of the line, there was also a huge blue rose hanging from the ornament, covering his other eye. A lace necklace adorned his pale-white neck, an identical jewel hanging from it. He was wearing a dark blue silk shirt, with the same material and colour, a vest was above the shirt, covered with a coat, and loose silk pants. He was called Psychic and apparently he was a Withered Rose Fairy with his attribute being Nature.

An average-sized woman with long white hair, the front part of her hair, tied into two little puffy tails, three yellow bells tying them together, and her bright red eyes filled with curiosity, two pointy tails popping out from her head, wearing a black kimono with pink and purple stripes on them. Around her neck was a thick red string with a small little fox mask hanging from it, nine bushy, fluffy tails could be seen behind her, as she smiled brightly, her little pointy canines could be seen. Her name was Delta. She was a Nine tail fox. And her attribute is Lava and Light.

Next was a petite girl with ocean-blue hair reaching her back, the end of her hair curly with hints of white to them. She had a shark hairpin on her fringe, and ocean-blue doe eyes with her yellow pupils the shape of a spark. She was in an oversized white. blue and yellow striped hoodie, hugging a shark plushie almost her size. She was Yuki. The Queen of the Sea and her attribute was Magic.

Finally, there was a snarky-looking girl, with strawberry, blonde waist-length hair, two pinkish-red demon wings could be seen protruding from her head. With a white ribbon tied to her wings, she also had ruby red eyes and elf-shaped ears. Her outfit was a white, no-shoulder shirt, adorned with pink frills, and a pattern of black diamonds going down the side, a big pink bow smacked right in the middle of it. With her frilly black skirt, the insides being pink, you could see many white frills adorning it. She was also wearing white wrist gloves. This girl was Isabella and she was an Elf Demon. Her attribute was Light and Darkness. Being a mix between an elf and a demon.

”N-no way….someone actually came? ” Austin muttered in disbelief.

”Haha! We are getting a new master this year! ” Isabella exclaimed with a victorious expression on her face.

”Well…this is certainly a surprise, ” Pyshic muttered softly and gently.

A blue hair girl appeared with a huge shark plushie in her arms. She yawned loudly, ”Did we get a master? ” Yuki said sleepily.

”Surprisingly…We did… ” Zeke spoke out, still staring at me.

”Isn this great guys? We finally get a master! ” Delta clapped her hands together excitedly, talking in a cheerful voice.

”W-wait! Hoooooooolllllllllllld onnnnn! What do you mean Im your new master? Theres six of you for Gods sakes! ” Exasperated, as I looked at all of them. There is no way I can take care of all of them!

”So? ” The black hair guy tilted his head.

”I-i mean…theres no way I can take care of all of you! ” I exclaimed in frustration.

”We can take care of ourselves master! ” Isabella informed me with a raised hand.

I tried to think of something but nothing popped up. Words came out of my mouth, faltering instead.

”Any more excuses? ” Austin said with a raised eyebrow. My agape mouth closed in an instant after that sentence.

”No…. ” I slumped down in defeat.

”For once, I consider you useful Austin, ” Isabella said.

”Shut up you bitch! ” Austin cursed at Isabella.

”Excuse me!? What did you say to me you disrespectful piece of shit? ” Isabella shouted in rage. She pounced on Austin and they started fighting loudly.

”… ”

”Shut. UP. Both of you. ” Pyshic said in an annoyed voice as he summoned a sliver medium-sized withered rose made out of metal and hit both of them with it, causing them to wince.

”Pyshic….You didn need to hit them THAT hard. ” Delta spoke in a timid voice as she sweatdrop.

”Nah…..*yawn* they deserved it. They
e always so noisy…. ” Yuki complained as she hugged her shark plushie even tighter.

”They fight like this all the time, you can do anything to stop it. I tried and I instead got hit in the face. ” Zeke said, black lines running down his face as he recalled the memories.

Pyshic stayed aloof while Delta started playing with her hands and Yuki slept while standing and…Zeke just started swinging his sword around. ”… ”

My pets seem incompetent.

~After a good solid 15 minutes~

Austin and Isabella were still arguing. My eye is twitching. And the rest were doing nothing to stop it.

”ALRIGHT! THATS ENOUGH, STOP! ” I finally lost it. I screamed and scolded them for childish behaviour. Though, I couldn really say that for myself either.

Isabella held her head down, she looked guilty. While Austin acted like one of those rebellious boys during a phase and just snorted and looked away with his arms crossed.

After I finished scolding them. I realised that I might have stayed too long and had to leave. ”You guys have pet forms right? ” I asked.

They all nodded. ”Ok, can any of you transform into a form of a common spirit pet? Im sure you
e all legendary pets and I don really want to attract attention. ” I said.

They looked at each other and Yuki raised her hand. ”I can transform into a fish. ”

I clapped my hands together in delight and smiled, ”Alright! You will be coming out with me then. ”

”Wait! What about us? ” (Isabella)

”We have to leave this place if we found a master…. ” (Zeke)

”Oh, no worries! I got a solution for that. You guys can stay in my space room! ” I said as I waved my hand and a purple portal appeared.

Zeke widened his eyes, ”What the?! What attributes do you have to get THAT? ”

”The void attribute! ” I answered. Zeke wrinkled his eyebrows. ”I don remember you can have a room that you can bring anywhere with the void attribute… ” he muttered.

”Looks like your master is more advanced in the void element than you Zeke. ” Isabella snickered as she walked towards the portal.

”Shut your mouth, Isabella. ” Zeke retorted back.

”Oooohh someones mad~ ” Austin mocked.

”Ugh, why am I friends with you guys? ” Zeke said in annoyance as he walked towards the portal.

”Because you love us deep down and you know it!~ ” Austin grinned and walked into the portal at the same time as Zeke.

”This is certainly intriguing, ” Pyshic said as he observed the portal before stepping in, followed by Delta who didn question it and bounced in cheerfully.

I waved my hand once again and the portal faded away. I grinned at the thought of Shadi having to deal with all of them. I turned to look at Yuki.

”Well, its time to come out! ” I smiled. She smiled back softly and I took her hand in mine as I close my eyes and followed the pathway again.


I opened my eyes to see Amelia looking worriedly at me as I saw her legendary pet which was in the shape of a baby unicorn which also had the light attribute.

I turned my head to see a blue fish hovering in mid-air. A water shaped ball surrounds it. I rubbed my temples, still telling the throbbing headache. ”Are you okay Kari? ” Amelia asked, concern laced in her voice.

”Yea, no worries. Im good. ” I reassured her. She made a pout and turned to face her unicorn, which gave a slight nod as its horn glowed and faded away. I felt my headache dissipating. ”Oh…Thank you for using your healing magic. ” I thanked her.

She smiled at me and introduced me to her pet, ”This is my spirit pet, Fae! She has the same attribute as me, Light. Shes also a unicorn. Im honestly really surprised I got a legendary pet. ” Her face showed a sheepish expression. ”Whats your pet? ”

I gestured towards my floating fish which was swimming in a water ball. No idea where it came from. ”Uh, This is my pet. Yuki. Shes a fish and has water magic. ”

Amelias eyes lit up. ”Its so cute! Nice to meet you Yuki! ” She greeted. The fish gave a slight nod but Amelia was too dense to notice it.

While the unicorn cowered as it felt the overwhelming power from the fish.

”I think we should go back now. The class should be ending soon. ” Kari said.

Amelia nodded and they went back.

Walking along the pathway back to their dorms, Kari asked, ”Are you going anywhere after school? ”

”Yea! Im going to go to the bakery in town later. I need to buy some bread. ” Amelia replied, ”How about you? Are you going anywhere later? ”

”Nah, I don plan to go anywhere. Im really tired today so I think Im gonna rest in my dorm. ” Kari lied. ”Well, my dorm is in this direction. Uhm..see you later? ”

”Yea! See you tomorrow Kari! ” (Amelia)

Kari barged into her room and close the door behind her. She looked towards the bed and dive right headfirst into it. Snuggling among her pillows and blankets.

”Hm, from what I remember, school ends at 2 and the timing of the bakery event should be at 2:45 pm. Well, I have some time to kill then! ” Kari concluded. ”I guess I should go into my space room. ”

~In the space room~

Kari entered inside to see quite a spectacular side. Zeke and Shadi were sitting on the sofa, their eyes glued to the TV.

Psychic had picked a romance book from the bookshelf. Kari didn wanna know if it was by accident or coincidental because Pyschic looked really engrossed in that book, and she was sure it was an R18 one.

Yuki was sleeping on the bed upstairs, Austin was eating a bag of chips he had grabbed from the cupboards when he went to explore.

Delta had found some nail polish and figured that it was meant for her nails and started doing them.

Isabella was playing dress up in the closet, Kari had clearly remembered that she didn have any frilly dresses. So she assumed Shadi added it for her.

This is really quite a scene…. Delta then looked up and saw Kari.

Her eyes shining brightly, ”Master! Your back! ” She said loudly. She pounced onto me, hugging me tightly.

”Hello Delta. ” I pat her head.

Her hair was super silky and soft, unlike my oily hair. It always remained oily no matter how many times I washed it. I should ask Delta what shampoo and conditioner she uses for her hair.

I look at Pyschic and he noticed my stare. He blushed hard as he gave a soft cough and placed back the book on the shelf. Austin was still eating his chips but he gave me a small wave when I looked at him.

Zeke and Shadi were too engrossed in watching Kakeguri on Netflix.

I sighed, What was I here for again?

I look through my closet and pulled out a black cap, a black shirt, black jeans and a mask. I also brought out my wig and contact lenses just in case.

Wearing them, I looked in the mirror. ”This should be good enough. ” It was slightly warm and stuffy and didn really feel that great. But it did its main purpose, so it had to do.

I opened my window and jumped out. Landing on the ground, How am I supposed to get out of school grounds? I look extremely suspicious if I just parade around in this attire.

Master, you forgot that your attribute, Void, allows you to teleport. Zekes voice sounded in her head. Startled, Kari asked, You guys can talk in my head or something?

En Master. We are spirit pets so we are mentally bound to you and can transmit our thoughts to your head.

Oh…I see, thanks for the help, Zeke.

Its my duty Master.

To teleport, you just have to channel your mana and imagine the place you want to teleport at right?

Indeed Master.

Alright, thanks for the clarification.

Kari bends down on one knee as she closes her eyes, feeling the thread of mana. Tugging on it, she imagined the bakery she had seen on the way. Imagining a secluded spot to teleport at.

She suddenly felt her body being sucked in by some force.

The discomfort eventually went away and she opened her eyes. She had decided to spawn in an alleyway she had remembered.

She breathe a sigh of relief and stood up, surveying the area to see if anyone had spotted her.

”Ugh…. ” A groan sounded. Kari turned around immediately, her eyes widening as she saw a petite boy with pink hair. He was leaning on the wall. His head slumped down.

Kari, her alertness turning quickly into concern. She went up to the boy and bend down.

Taking his face into her hands, she lifts it up to see multiple deep scratches on his face. He had many bruises on his body and was gasping for air. ”Hey…can you speak? ” Kari asked. He stayed silent.

Kari decided to call out Delta. Delta appeared right next to Kari,

”Greetings Master! What do you need help with? ” She asked as she made a salute gesture. ”Can you please help me heal him? ” ”Affirmative Master! Your request shall be followed. ” Delta said.

She went closer to the boy and held out her hands. Her hands glowed brightly, the injuries on the boy faded away and he could breathe much easier than before.

”Your request has been done, Master. Do you need me to do anything else? ” ”No, thank you for helping me. You may go now. ” ”Thanks for letting me, help master! ” Delta said in a cheerful voice as she disappeared.

Kari turned her attention back to the boy. She scanned his body. She could see his bones and figured he was heavily malnourished.

Poor thing…he must have been abused or a beggar. Kari realised the boy had fainted when she tried to wake him up.

Kari suddenly remembered that she still hadn seen the event, she decided to move the boy into the space room for some rest.

Kari stepped out of the alleyway. Who knew I stumbled upon a boy? Ah yes! The event! Kari hurried off to the location of bakery, just in time to see Amelia walking in.

Soon followed by Arties. Kari grinned as she hid behind a tree that was planted on the sidewalk surrounded by stones, staring at the entrance of the bakery.

Kari, however, was too engrossed in daydreaming and staring at the bakery entrance. Not sensing the presence of another eye on her.

To be specific, Kains eyes.

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