”Wahhhhhh! This must be Arcida Academy! Its so fancy and huge… ” I gasp in awe at the buildings. It was currently 4:30 pm. I went off at 12:30 pm and finally arrived.

There were so many things I could see. I looked back to see my chauffeur taking out my luggage from the truck. I rushed to him to grab the luggage from his hands. ”Oh, Uncle Sam! You don need to do that. I can do it myself. ”

As I attempt to take the luggage from him. He handed it to me. ”Thank you Uncle Sam for driving me here. You should eat something on the way back! ” I said.

He smiled at me and nodded. He then got into the car and I waved goodbye at him before venturing into the entrance of the school.

I look around, gasping softly at everything I saw. This is so unlike the high school I went to in my past life. I saw many white fountains and green lush trees and plants around.

I saw many students in their uniforms strolling around in their own little groups, Gossiping and chatting. Just Then, I saw multiple students pointing and snickering at me.

I was confused. Did I do something wrong? I shook my head and went off to find the main building.

I walked around until I could find the receptionist area or information counter. No way…theres an information counter In here? What is This? A mall? I walked up to the counter and asked for my dorm number.

”Name? ” ”Kari Dim Vol. ” She nodded and started typing on the computer. She typed at an incredibly slow speed.

After what seemed to be an eternity, she looked through her drawer and pulled out a huge bulky white envelope with the school crest on it.

”This contains your dorm card, a map so you can find your way around here, your schedule and your uniform. ” No wonder its so bulky… I nodded and took the envelope from her hands.

As I walk along, I took out the map and my dorm card and put the envelope under my armpit. I looked at the map and found my way to the dorm building.

I saw a scanner next to the blurred glass doors and I took my card and tap it and the glass doors opened automatically. So fancy…what kind of shit is this… I walked in and saw a grey huge L-shaped sofa with four girls, chatting.

I saw another L shaped sofa on another side and a tv plastered across it, identical to the other. The floor was made out of marble but the hallway to the dorm rooms was carpeted.

There was a door opening at the back left side of the living room leading it to the kitchen.

I saw a spiral staircase leading up to the second floor and another hallway at the back right corner of the room. I proceeded to have a dorm on the first floor as it is easier for me to dash to the main building if I was late.

I turned my sight away from them as I silently walked past them in a flash using my assassination skills to make sure they won detect me.

I planned to quickly graduate as I didn want to accidentally involved myself in the plot. It will be annoying… I walked along the hallway finally coming across a door that had the number on a golden plate 303.

I saw another scanner next to the door. Probably to avoid people sneaking into your room… I used the card again and entered the room. Holy shit…This is like a hotel suite.

The room was massive. I had my own private bathroom and a walk-in closet. I saw a queen size bed on the other side of the room and a huge desk in the room across it. I brought my luggage into my closet and zipped it open.

I was lazy to carry things from my luggage to the closet and the bathroom so I just used warp magic to transport them. Packing is done… I heard my stomach growl and my cheeks flushed. Im hungry…I should go cook something.

I didn want to go downstairs so I decided to just use the space room to cook something.

I closed my eyes and used my void magic, transporting myself to the space room. I opened my eyes and my mouth dropped. ”Why are you here again!?!? ” I complained angrily as I saw a sleepy white hair male lounging on my sofa.

He blinked his eyes and grumbled.

”Can I be in here? Im the one that reincarnated you into this world or you be wandering around without a body right now. ” I shook my head, exasperated. ”You killed me first! ” I retorted.

”What are you doing here anyway? ” I asked as I grabbed an apron and tied it around my waist.

”To eat your food! I heard you were cooking from your thoughts so I decided to come down here and get dinner. ” He says happily. ”Alright then, I will whip up something good, ” I said as I took out some ingredients from the fridge and started cutting them with accuracy and speed.

”You know for a god, you really love lazing around, ” I said as I continued chopping the garlic into small square pieces.

”Theres nothing for me to do!~ So you
e my only source of entertainment now~ Plus I really love the phone and TV you have created especially the Netflix you asked me to implant in it. ” He said in satisfaction. I sigh.

”On the TV, would you Shadi? I wanna watch some Netflix when I eat my lunch. ” As I started frying the meat and garlic together. He nodded and flicked his finger and the TV instantly turned on.

10 minutes later…

I added the final touches to the cooked rice as I sprinkled green onion all over it. ”Food is ready! ” I exclaimed.

I carried over two plates of fried rice with minced pork. I walked over into the living room and I could see the god all ready to eat. I laughed as I put the food on the glass coffee table. ”Enjoy! Lets watch Food Wars! ” Shadi nodded and flick his finger again and it switched to Netflix and went to Food Wars.

An hour later…

”I better go now Shadi, you can continue watching or sleep here if you want to, ” I said as I placed the dishes back into the cupboards.

He nodded and he yawned and waved at me as I close my eyes and use my void powers. I opened my eyes and saw I was back in my room.

It was 5:25 pm. One hour in my space room was equivalent to 30 minutes in the real world, while a minute in my space room is equivalent to 30 seconds in the real world. I went into my space room at 4:50 pm so only 35 minutes had passed.

”I should explore the school so I can know where my classes are. ” I went to my desk where I had put the envelope. I took out the uniform and felt the smooth and soft fabric on my fingers.

There are three sets of uniforms, one for summer, autumn/spring and winter.

This is a really high quality… I decided to toss the uniform inside the space room. Im sure Shadi will get the hint to wash it for me. I took the map and my schedule and put the key card in my pocket. I opened the door and quietly sneaked out.

The girls aren there anymore.. must have gone out… I walked out freely and the glass door automatically opens. I felt a rush of cool wind on my face. I look at the map and started walking towards the main building.

37 minutes later~ (6:02 pm)

Okay, I found alchemy class… ”Now…is the magic learning….and magic casting which is in the field. That makes sense I guess. I better go find the class for magic learning now. ”

Kari had been exploring for the whole day and arrived back at her dorm at 6:45 pm. She had to sneak in as she spotted the girls again which was troubling to her. She didn know why, but she could feel bad vibes off them. She went into her room and made sure to lock it.

She closed her eyes and teleported herself into the space room. She saw the white hair god sleeping soundly on the couch. She smiled softly, walked towards the couch, and ruffled his hair.

She saw him as a big brother.

She never had one in her previous life after all. She was an orphan. She went into the kitchen and put on her apron. She decided to cook a simple meal.

Cold Udon with sweet sauce. (boiling packaged udon) It was her favourite meal in her past life. She loved it.

4 hours and 15 minutes later~

Once she finish eating(while watching Netflix), she went to the dryer situated in a room next to the kitchen which had a dryer and an ironing board, along with bleach and other soaps added on with tissues rolls. She bends down to see her uniform inside.

She smiled and took it out and went to the ironing board to iron it. After she was done, she closed her eyes again and teleported out.

It was now 10 pm. She had spent 4 hours and 15 minutes in the space room, chatting with Shadi (once he woke up) and watching Netflix while eating snacks along with him.

She took a hanger from her closet and hung the uniform. Time to hack… She opened her space box and pulled out her laptop and plushies.

She arranges her plushies onto her queen bed, not forgetting to add her pastel-coloured bedsheets.

She jumps into her plushies, cuddling them for a while before sitting up and leaning on them, she took her laptop, switch it on and went to the crack again.

Hehe~ I love earning money…I should buy a gaming computer and a better chair for my desk added on with a new gaming headset! Huehehue. Time to earn some ka-ching!

Kari grinned once again like a Cheshire Cat, she put up the same request as what she did in the car and did some unbelievable things. She made sure she did not get any items that were illegal or bad.

Like a blueprint for a deadly missile or drug. Those were big No-nos when she check the things her clients asked to get for them. Business plans? Sure. Not her problem, Government plans(that was money plans)? Sure. Have it. She was pretty neutral and didn mind doing anything.

A warning then sounded softly from her computer and Kari raised her eyebrow. Another attack? Noobs.

She switched over to her defence wall to see multiple red dots attacking her.

Now that I observe them.. their hacking skills are quite good. But sadly..there facing the mighty 88. Bye Bye!~

She switched over to her offence wall and decided to release some bugs to fight for her because she didn want to waste her time on them.

She sent her weakest bots and they were defeated in a matter of minutes. Sigh… These people really need to know what they
e messing with.

She fixed up her defence firewall again, this time, she decided to put some offensive firewalls at the front to fend off any nasty pests and will only come in to help once they get rid of the bugs and broke through the 3rd layer of the firewall.

She decided to retire for the night and ordered the things she wanted the next day. Unknowingly, she attracted the attention of the 4 people once again.


~In a dark room~

Four people sat in front of their laptops. Xlec was pissed and mad. Arties was thinking deeply, Damon was leaning back on the sofa, not caring that he was defeated and Kain was still repeating the attacks he had received from the bugs in his mind, repeating their patterns.

”Damn it! I can believe that person sent out its bugs instead of fighting us face to face! And to even think the bugs actually defeated us! ” Xlec smashed his fist on the wooden table next to him and it broke into pieces due to his attribute, Wood.

”That means the person is better, and he or she is basically saying to our faces I don have time to fight you. or You don deserve to fight me. And I think they deserves that thinking of us because they defeated all of us at the same time and we are considered some of the best hackers in the world. ” Kain said, closing his eyes.

”Do you think the person is a girl or a boy or whatever some monster? ” Xlec asked, crossing his arms with a sullen expression. ”I put my vote on the hacker being a boy, ” Arties said. ”I say its a girl, ” Damon said. ”Me too. ” Kain agreed. Monster for me, ” Xlec said. ”I guess we have a new goal! ” Arties said cheerfully.

He got up and typed it into their Goal List which they hadn touched in a long time.


•Find out the identity of the hacker

”Now that we got that out settle. How did you feel about the speech we gave to the first batch of students? ” Xlec said smirking. ”Annoying, ” Damon replied with one word with no expression.

”Agreed, we have to do the speech four times. Each batch contains different amounts of students. But I swear the noise they create is so much! Its like 200 people shouting when there are only like 30 So its tiring to do the speech repeatedly. Added on, the girls and guys screams and both of them surrounding us for favour and attention put me on my nerves. ”

Kain tugged his collar, complaining with a frown on his face.

”I hate all those fake people, they
e so loud and always praise us. The girls want to get close to us because of our status and boys want to use us for connections and advantages. But its not their fault, probably their parents influence. Thankfully, tomorrow is the last speech that we have to say. ” Arties sighed in relief.

”We should go to sleep now, we have to get up early tomorrow anyway. Lets go back to our dorm. ”

Damon got up from the sofa and said to the others. Everyone agreed and got out of the room.


Kari couldn sleep so she decided to sneak outside with her pyjamas on since it was cold and her pyjamas kept her warm. She walked around the schools ground, wearing slippers which she had created as they didn exist in the world yet despite their technological advances.

She then suddenly heard 4 male voices and in her hurry, she lifted herself into the tree as she waited for them to pass.

But I wanna make friends. I could wear a disguise! Yes! So they wouldn recognise me. This, my dear friends, is an anti-social life Kari had been living for the past 8 years.

She hasn been interacting with anyone and felt really lonely. So when she got the idea, she was proud and happy with her smart thinking. She opened her space box and fished out a medium hair length chocolate brown hair wig and green contact lenses.

She put on her wig and made sure it was secured and put on her contact lenses, once she made some tests (so the wig won fall off) She smiled satisfied and attempted to get out of the tree.

She tried to get off the tree but instead fell off while frantically moving her arms. She fell onto the hard dirt ground and groaned. Ow…. She sat up, only to be greeted by four peoples stares.

She sweatdrop. ”Uh..hi? ” She awkwardly said while smiling. ”What were you doing in a tree girl? ” One of the boys asked on the right side. ”Uh, no reason…? ” Kari said awkwardly.

”Anyways, I was on the tree because I was bored and decided to explore the place again. How about you guys? What are you doing this out late at night? ” Kari quickly changed the topic.

”Speak for yourself. How did you even get out? Theres a spell at the door that prevents any students from sneaking out. ” Kain asked. ”…I snuck out the window. ” Kari scratched the back of her head, showing a sheepish expression. Kains face turned blank before it showed an amused expression.

”You snuck out the window?! Hahaha! Impressive. ” Kari sweatdrops even more at this. Is this how seniors act? Or I assume these people are seniors…

”Back to topic, I suggest you go back to your dorm. If Im correct, you
e a freshman right? ” A new voice sounded from the left. Kari nodded.

”Tomorrow, you have to wake up around 8 am as the welcoming speech is at 9 am. Which is quite early and freshmen are not used to waking up at that timing, especially nobles. ” It continued.

”Its fine mister, I wake up at 6 am every day, ” Kari said. Then the voice snapped shut. ”What are your names? ” She asked. ”Kain. ” ”Xlec. ” ”Arties. ” ”Damon. ” Then, she froze.

I promise myself I wouldn get involved with them. But what do I do? Get involved in them! If I had just not given in to the temptation of wanting to make friends. This would have never happened! I mean, its ok right…? Im sure the world will set it back on pace. As long as it doesn involve me…then everything should be good.

Kari then waved her worries away and replied.

”My name is Jess! Its nice to meet you. ” They all nodded ”Well, it was nice meeting you Jess, but we gotta go back to our dorm. ” Damon said. Kari nodded at this. Xlec grinned at her and Kari stiffly look at him before turning away.

They all walked off and Kari stared at them until they were out of view. They don seem too bad…the heroine does have a nice choice of men!

She cheerfully walked back to her dorm and settle in her covers.


The next day~(7 am)

Today the heroine will arrive at the welcoming speech late, attracting the attention of the four capture targets. If Im correct, Arties will be helping her. Huhuhue. I can believe a live drama will be playing in front of me! It will be so exciting. Kari thought excitedly, she then decided to prepare some popcorn and a soft drink when the show starts.

She closed her eyes and teleported herself to the space room. She saw Shadi was not in the room and thought that he just had some duty calls.

Serve him right…leeching in this room 24/7.

She walked to the kitchen and opened the top cupboards and pulled out a packet of popcorn kernels. She grabbed a large deep pot and set it on the stove and cook a medium-size cup and filled it half with the popcorn kernels and poured it into the pot.

She took out a tablespoon from the drawer and coconut oil and poured it on the spoon two times into the large pot. She then covered the pot tightly and start to cook it over medium heat and waited until she heard the sound of popping.

15 minutes later~(7:20 am)




Kari opened the cover to see a ton of freshly hot made popcorn. She excitedly grabbed the red and white paper bag she made to hold it. She dumps the popcorn in the paper bag before opening her space storage and putting it in.

She grabbed a can soda of iced peach tea from the fridge before tossing it in her space storage too and straw from the drawer.

Ok now that my drama food is done, I should go and shower and change into my uniform. Kari teleported herself out of the room and undressed before stepping into the shower making sure the water was warm.

She brush her teeth while under the running water and quickly rubbed soap all over her body.

After she rinses that off. She grabbed a fluffy towel and dried herself before stepping out of the bathroom and into her closet.

She grabbed her hung and ironed uniform.

She buttoned her ocean blue shirt and wore on her black skirt making sure it was secured, she wore long black leggings and white socks before putting on her black ballet shoes. She tied her white hair into a simple ponytail and didn put on any makeup as she hated the feeling of it on her face.

Wheres my bag? She looked around the room before spotting it under the bed.

How did it get there? She didn have the slightest idea. She grabbed her bag and put the necessary stuff in especially her phone and her power bank.

I still have 2 hours left before assembly…oh yeah! I need to order some stuff. She took her laptop out of her space box before accessing a shopping website and ordering a gaming headset, a gaming computer and a black comfy office chair.

She did magic orders as usual even if it cost more but no worries, Shes currently making a lot of money.

1 hour later~ [8:45 am]

Well, I better go now or Im screwed. Kari now realising the time when she looked at her clock, She grabbed her bag in a rush and snuck out the window again.

She ran to the main building looking unsightly but thankfully there was no students insight to watch her ungracefulness. She arrived at the assembly area in a record time of 10 minutes.

5 minutes right before the assembly! Seems like everyone got here early…I guess they wanted to either impress the amazing capture targets they amazingly-so-admired-of. There aren many people..most of them are boys and the rest are girls…8 boys and 6 girls…including me and the heroine…Oh yes! I need to find a seat!

Kari looked around in a panic before finding a seat right in the very last row, the furthest away from the stage. The seats near the front rows were taken up.

They only had 14 seats according to the number of people in the class in order to avoid students sneaking in and pretending to be a student from that class.

First class seat of the drama! Oh praise my amazing luck! She happily scooted over and sat down, her eyes always wavering over to the entrance, this particular action was caught by Arcus.

||Damon POV||

”Hey guys, don you think that girl is acting weird? She keeps looking over at the entrance as if she was expecting something. ”

I pointed out, observing the white-haired girl. They all look over and seemingly also noticed it too.

Xlec shrugged. ”I don know, maybe shes waiting for someone or trying it attracts attention from us which she had succeeded in since you noticed her. ”

I shook my head at the thought of it. ”Ok then, never mind. Xlec, you
e about to start the speech in 2 minutes. ” I informed Xlec.

Xlec mumbled unhappily and nodded as he got ready to do his speech.

He walked up to the podium, immediately eliciting shrieks from the girls and excited chatter from the boys. Jesus…its only 14 students and they still manage to make as much noise as 100 people in one room.

I chuckled at the look on Xlecs annoyed face. Only to winced when I heard the screams and chatter. My earrrrrssssss!

My amused expression changed to one of annoyance exactly like Xlec. I look at him in pity. I feel you.

He quickly changed his expression to a confident and playfulness one and cleared his throat and started speaking and immediately the chatter died down, everyone paying absolute attention to the 3 boys right next to Xlec and him speaking himself.

5 minutes later~[8:55 am]

I looked at the time on my phone. Heroine is arriving in 3…2…1

Everyone heard a bang and look in the direction of the entrance to see a medium length blonde hair girl panting and on the floor with her two knees and hand.

I immediately took out my popcorn and soda can out of my sling bag as if it was a space bag. I threw the popcorn in my mouth as I waited for the drama to begin.

[A/N: Space bags are not as efficient as space storage or box. They cannot contain living things and cannot keep things warm or cold. But due to the rareness of having the attribute void. Space bags are very costly. And I mean it.)

She then looked up and I saw her blue eyes widening and her face flushed red in embarrassment.

Just then, Arties walked down from the stage and walked to her to help her up.

All the girls gasped and stared at the heroine in jealousy, envy and hate. I snickered at their action of his as she thanked him profusely by bowing and apologizing for interrupting.

He simply flashed a gentle smile and nodded as he walked back up. Wahhhh! Such a good show. Awe man, I finish all my popcorn. Better keep it now.

Everyone went back to their seats, including me and I stuff the paper bag in my sling bag and transport it to my space box and took out the can of iced peach tea opened the can with a slight small noise of pop, got a straw and started drinking it.

As I sip, I look around in boredom as Xlec continued speaking until I spotted the heroine sitting down and staring at the stage earnestly. I felt excited, These 4 years are gonna be the most dramatic time of my life.

Little did she know, her actions have been watched the whole time and Artiess actions had been planned from the moment she took out her popcorn.

30 minutes later..

”And thats all, I hope you all have a good and wonderful time at Arcida Academy. Ciao!~♡ ” Xlec ended with a wink and a smirk before stepping off the podium and my eardrums burst into pieces when all the girls screamed at once.

I waved my finger around and the sound around my ears nullified. Any second more I heard those screams, I would have gone deaf. I grumbled inconsistency as I took out my schedule from my sling bag and look at the piece of paper.

”Looks likes History is first, ” I mumbled under my breath. I had memories of where my history class was so I walked out the doors, hastening my steps to reach the class early.

This should be it…I looked up at the door and I push it open, expecting to see a middle-aged man but to my surprise, I saw four of the capture targets. I froze, they stared at me, and one even had their eyebrow raised. And IIIIIIII…







They did not see me, I did not see them. Its all a biiiiiiiiiggggg fat mistake. I started walking, no running. And I push open an identical door a few meters away from the previous door and this time, I saw a middle-aged man looking at old wrinkled papers on his desk.

”I didn expect to see a student early…aren you supposed to be exploring around school? ” He said in a gentle and curious voice. ”I explored it yesterday, so I decided to be early today. Is that fine? ” I replied.

”Of course, sit anywhere you like. ” He smiled at me and look back down at his papers. I nodded and went to sit at the furthest seat away from the entrance. I tap my fingers on the wooden desk.

Soon a stream of students came in through the doors and chose their seats. To my surprise, the heroine decided to sit next to me. ”Hello! Im Amelia! Whats your name? ” She asked, smiling brightly at me. I didn want to be rude to her…sooooo.

”Kari. A pleasure to meet you. ” I said nonchalantly. She beamed at me so happy that even her eyes started to turn into crescents and I could almost see a golden aura shining from her.

I sweatdrop at this and I paid attention to the lecture hoping she stopped staring at me.

Soon enough, she turned to look at the lecture for




3 minutes!

Where is your concentration girl?!

And turned back to look at me again before saying in a hushed voice excitedly ”Can we exchange schedules?! ” I couldn refuse her with that critical oh puppy-eyes of hers so I silently and carefully took the schedule out from my bag and hand it to her under the desk while she pass hers to me.


Kari Schedule

• History

• English

• Alchemy

• Lunch Break

• Magic Learning

• Combat Magic

• Spirit Pet Training


Amelia Schedule

• History

• Alchemy

• English

• Lunch Break

• Magic Learning

• Combat Magic

• Spirit Pet Training


I handed her schedule back to her and she handed me back, ”Hey, wanna eat during lunch together? ” She asked, hoping I say yes. This time, I had to refuse because I hated eating lunch with someone.

”Im sorry, but I don eat lunch with people and I don really like it. I hope you can forgive me. ” I apologise profusely. You will be meeting the capture targets anyway. Her eyes dimmed down and she nodded slowly before perking up again.

”Can we be together during magic class?! ”

I nodded as I really couldn handle the sad look she had on her face just now. The capture targets won be in the class so I could hang out with her. Though, after school, she will meet them again.

Hehe, Im gonna spy on the upcoming scene…during lunch and after school! I giggled softly as I looked at the Heroine who was too focused on the lecture now.


A girl was trying to climb a tree, only to fail miserably, give up and decided to teleport which was extremely hard as she did not want anyone to see that she had a legendary power and that she was in the school garden which was huge!

Once she saw and made sure that everyones attention was away and not facing the tree, she closed her eyes and imagined the branches and the leaves and opened her eyes to see she was on a sturdy branch, a perfect down view when the heroine comes to sit under here, only to be targeted by girls who bullied her and almost hit her physically only to be stopped by Xlec, followed by the other 3 who showed concern on her and scolded the bullies after making sure she was okay.

It was so so clichè but honestly, the hot images when they save her and the hot voices make it a billion times better.

And so, she was excited to see this scene come alive right before her very eyes.

The heroine, Amelia was coming in a few minutes so Kari decided to go into her space room and grabbed a bag of chips which was stored in the pantry in her kitchen and a bottle of iced lemon tea from her fridge while greeting Shadi who had came back from his duties and lounged on her sofa, watching Netflix, his eyes filled with excitement and tension watching Food Wars.

She teleported out with a bag of chips in one hand and a lemon tea bottle in another. She sat cross-legged on the tree branch as it was quite wide and thick for one, thankfully it could hold her weight due to her petite figure. She opened her bag of chips and started eating softly when she spotted the heroine sitting at the base of the tree.

Any minute now bullies…I wanna see the hot drama show in front of my eyes! Of course, apologies to you Amelia. Soon enough, three girls led by a blue-haired girl, her long volute hair cascading her back, with an hourglass figure, her… chest almost bursting out from her school uniform along with her bright, yet seemingly sharp emerald eyes walked toward the heroine.

At first, it was supposed to be Kari who led this troupe. But since her souls had switched, the girl who followed the villainess to help bully the heroine was now leading.

”Oh hello! Do you wanna eat with me? ” Amelia said cheerfully, looking up at the four girls. Karis heart pained looking at the poor heroine. Ara…Ara.. poor Amelia.

The blue-haired girl snorted arrogantly. ”Eat with YOU? Are you serious? Do you think just because Arties helped you, you can invite us to eat with you?! Do you not know we are in high positions?! Im a daughter of a duke in the kingdom of Ruirin and you just invite ME? ”

Amelia then stared with eyes filled with fear and apologised meekly. She stood up and bowed. ”Im sorry, I shouldn have invited you to eat me. I did not think of my position. ” The girl then smirked.

”Thats right. Look at me now. ” She demanded. Amelia looked up at her, scared. Suddenly, the girl frowned heavily.

”Emmy! Slap her for me. Lets ruin this little face of hers so she won attract the crown princes anymore! ” She ordered. Amelias eyes then widened and she closed her eyes tightly.

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