I am now 15 years old. 8 years have passed, My age of ceremony was quite okay, the God gave me the skill of concealment so I manage to get away with having Lava and Darkness as my attributes which were considered super rare.

I could feel the jealousy, envy and admiration when I got it.

It was scary….anyways, I also had been practising my hacker skills… you know, creating defence walls and creating some viruses which I have tested on my laptop and destroyed.

I had noticed the hacking skills of the people in this world suck to the point that I wanted to cry for them badly.

I hadn gone on the website unless I needed to earn money and that was 2 years ago…when I needed to buy a new laptop after testing my old laptop on the virus I have created which destroyed it entirely and completely…

I had kept myself low so Im pretty sure no one knew of the mighty 88, I plan to go low key for most of my life in this otome game as the drama between the capture targets and heroine is pretty intense…besides… Im sure the story will still progress without the villainess.

After all, the Villianess was only there to inflict pain on the heroine for getting the attention of the top 4 boys in the school.

Now that Im 15 years old, I had to attend school. And I was going to a prestigious school due to my attributes. It was owned by the Great Sage, Zenda.

It was not within the territory of any country and it was situated in a prospering great city that had the mix of all the other kingdoms.

I heard that the crown prince was sent there at a young age and have created top companies and business. That was impressive now that I think about it.

Well, enough rattling around! I really need to go and get ready.


I look into my luggage and checked everything was in there before zipping it up and locking it. I had some stuff in my space box that I couldn fit in my luggage. For one example, my laptop, my plushies and my notebook filled with drawings of anime boys.

Just then, a maid rushes in, her short brown hair bouncing along.

”Mi-miss! Si-sir and-and Ma-madam has called for your presence! ” She said between breaths, panting heavily. I nodded at her and she walked out with her back slouched. Exhausted from running.

”ELENA! HELP PLEASE! ” I shouted. A maid with red ginger hair tied up in a ponytail walked in. ”What do you need help with Miss? ” She asked formally, bowing slightly. ”Do you mind if you can carry this to the car Elena? I have to go meet my parents. ” I said.

She nodded and proceed to carry my luggage as I went off in the direction of my parents room.

I knocked on the door and opened it, I saw two of my parents sitting on a purple sofa. My mom was gently smiling at me and indicating for me to sit down while my Father was grinning.

I made my way over to the blue sofa which was right across from the purple sofa and sat down. ”Mom, Dad. What do you need me for? ” I asked, tilting my head to a 45° angle.

”Well..honey..we have some news to tell you.. ” my mom said hesitantly as if I would get mad if I heard it. ” You see, when you are going to stay at Arcida Academy for several years, we decided we want you to become independent and not depend on us for money…I and your Father planned to only give you some money enough for food and the basic necessities and when you get to Zedias City, you must find a job in order to gain a sense of independence. ” My mom continued. I froze.

”Find a job? ” I murmured. They both nodded. I looked at both of them before sighing. ”Okay, I will find a job, ” I said as I rubbed my temples.

Really…making a 15-year-old find a job…and one that was pampered and sheltered.

”Is that all? I really must get going now. My ride is waiting for me and it would take 4 hours to get to Zedias City. ” I said.

They both nodded and tears rush to their eyes, they tackled me and hugged me tightly, whispering that I will be careful and not get into any bad influences.

I can believe I have such worrywarts for my parents…I hugged them back and said a few words of reassurance. I got off the blue sofa and bade them goodbye. See you in 4 years…


I sat in a car with my headphones on as I look at the scenery passing before me at a natural speed. I turned to look away from the scenery and opened my space box. I should earn some money while I have the time… I switch on my laptop and went to the bookmark.

There I saw, was a website which I hadn seen in 2 years. The Dark Web. I smiled to myself as I click on the bookmark.

A loading screen appear and I looked around, seemingly noticing that there were several events during the 2 years. I rub both of my hands together in glee. Time to earn some cha-ching!


Kari decided to put up a request indicating that she does anything the requestor will ask her to do at a price of $1,000,000. It seems sceptical and fishy at first but one guy decided to take up the request and requested files of a certain government plan in the Sesta Kingdom.

Kari smirked at this and swiftly hacked into the base, she found the files requested quickly and sent them over, the person who requested it was shocking at how fast it was done and was satisfied and transferred the money to her bank account, saying that it will ask for her assistance again.

Another request then came to shut down the whole of Dirus, people were shocked at this seemingly impossible request but Kari only scoffed and easily hacked into the Dirus Power Plant Base and switched it off, costing the whole of Dirus to went into a panic.

The request was once again completed and she earned herself another million. Many seem impossible requests then started to pop up, Kari chose the hardest ones, or the hardest ones to others but the easiest to her.

Unknownst to her, she started attracting attention from very peculiar people…


Four good looking people could be seen in a dark room, facing a huge screen implanted in the wall. One of them chuckled ”I wonder who is this 88. This persons hacking skills are simply unbelievable. ” Kain said.

As he sat lazily on the sofa. ”I agree with you, this persons hacking skills are unlike anything we have seen before. ” Damon agreed.

”She even managed to take down my Kingdoms defence wall~ and shut the whole city along with it too, ” Xlec said with a lollipop in one hand and the other in a pocket, displaying an aura of coolness and playfulness.

”You aren mad? ” Kain said, with his eyebrow-raising. Xlec showed an amused reaction. ”Should I be? We just stumbled across an amazing hacker! ”

Arties then held his chin. ”Damon, can you track the person down? ” Damon nodded and took out his laptop, he went onto the persons profile, confident he would be able to pinpoint their location.

{Where Kari is}

Kari heard a warning alarm on her computer and she immediately turn to look at her defence wall, a red dot could be seen trying to break her barrier. Hmph! Do you think you can find me? I don think so.

Kari started typing at an unbelievable speed, constantly attacking the red dot until it finally gave up and disappear. She smirked arrogantly at her win. Be careful who you compete with, noob.

She logged off the hacker website and off her laptop, putting it back in her space box. She then stared at the scenery again, admiring it.

Back in the darkroom.

Xlec could be seen laughing as Damons face was black. Arties had a frown etched on his face and Kain was looking at the screen thoughtfully.

”Haha! Damon just got K.O! ” Xlec laughed hard, holding his stomach and tears could be seen in his eyes.

Damon only frowned deeply as he stared at the laptop screen. ”The person spared you, didn she? ” Kain asked, looking at him.

Xlec stopped laughing and stared at Kain, confused. ”What do you mean Kain? ” Xlec asked, trying to get a grasp of the situation.

Damon nodded. ”She gave me the last warning, telling me that she was about to release a virus onto my laptop that could destroy my laptop entirely if I didn stop trying to break into her defence system. ”

Kain frowned at this one more when vibration from his pocket interrupted his thoughts.

He fished out his phone to look at the screen for a while before turning it off ”We gotta go, the new students are arriving and we need to give a welcoming speech considering we were at the top of the grades last year. ”

Everyone nodded and they all exited the room.

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