I stared ahead as I was in thoughts. This is certainly a lot of information to take in…

I frowned as I felt a pang of familiarity again. I shake my head and place the book back on the shelves.

Now that I got the information needed…I should try to do what the book said. I sat down with my legs crossed and started imagining floating orbs around me.

It was the easiest thing I could think of that represented the mana. I felt a surge of unbearable pain and I squeezed my eyes tightly before it calmed, I opened my eyes and my eyes widened in surprise.

I saw many orbs surrounding me. One that was the colour of red and orange, another one that was purely black and another that was deep dark purple, I could see shimmers of light purple in it.

I gasp and awed at the floating orbs then my mind drifted to the information from the book.

Lava was red and orange…

Darkness was black…

And…the one that was a deep purple was Vo-wait…VOID?! Hold up! I thought that mostly Royals would get it! What kind of BS is this?! My luck can be THIS good. Hmmm, this actually reminds me…If I remember correctly, the villainess in the otome game I was playing has the darkness and lava attribute though. But not the void attribute.

My mouth hung open as I stared at the orbs floating around. This…was certainly a hard choice. Keep it a secret or not…?

Perhaps I should keep it a secret? I mean…I don like being in the centre of attention. I like staying low key. But if they test me for what powers I might get. I might get myself busted! Maybe I can find another book that could help? Im too lazy to walk to the room with the computer.

Someone could also look at the search history which would certainly be troublesome. Book it is then. I got out of the sitting position and made my

way to the bookshelves again.

I brief through the titles when I spotted one that seem helpful.

”Tips and Tricks For Beginners! ”

I pulled the book out and laid it on the ground, opening it.


For beginners or people who don use magic and want to know more about it, there is something called a Status. It allows you to look at your stats to know how much mana you have or what attributes you got. Its simple, all you have to do is imagine the word Status.


I look away from the book and closed my eyes. Status. I heard a small ting! And I opened my eyes to see a translucent blue screen in front of me. I observe my stats and I widened my eyes once again. What is with these godlike stats?!


Name: Kari Dim Vol

Age: 7

Attributes: Lava, Darkness, Void

(Uncommon, Rare, Legendary)

Mana: 15,500,000/15,500,000

(Replenishment Rate: 10,000/10secs)

Skills: Concealment

IQ: 270

Titles: Reincarnator, Veteran Hacker, Veteran Assassin,

You have a message

I click on the You have a message and when I read that message. Oh, how I wished to hit him.

[Hello Ira! I hope you
e doing dandy in the world I have created! You might find it the world quite familiar and it certainly is! The world you currently residing in is the otome game you were playing recently when you got struck by lightning and died.

I gave you some awesome mana amount because it is an apology for me killing you by accident when I was trying to teach my dog a lesson by striking him with lighting but it missed and hit you instead! Im sure you won mind though. Oh, yes! I also gave you a skill!

You reincarnated into an awesome world after all! Have fun! Oh and if you wanna communicate with me. Just message me. Im sure you know how to consider your seeing that little rectangle box right below this message! Tata~ have fun!]


I strained my smile and shut my eyes and clenched my fists.

Why this little bastard… killing me with lighting…But its no use getting angry over spilt milk. It already spilt and Im already in this world. The previous me died so I can go back anymore anyways. Im sure my body is in a coffin right now. I guess I have to make the best of this.

Now that I think about it…I really do look familiar with the villainess of the otome game I was playing…wait…no..no..no. It can be…I can be the villainess! Oh, no….no… I love the storyline of the otome game I was playing. But if it was real life. I would have hated it! So much drama…so much when I played the game…

I don wanna get involved in the story! Wait..I could just stay out of it I don interact a lot with the heroine and the capture targets! I will be like the mob character! Even better, a background character! Well, I don mind being a mob character, and I won die with this awesome power of mine!

I also have my skills as an assassin due to my previous life so my senses are sharper than others. I just need to exercise regularly and I will have amazing strength! It gives me more of a reason to hide my attribute, Void too. Well, Im sure its easy to hide anyways. I can just use the skill Concealment.

Well, now that matter is finished… I wanna get back to hacking, its my hobby after all. I could buy one..But Im sure dad nor mom will lend me money..its not proper for a noble lady to use the laptop all the time anyway… But they
e talking to the soul of a commoner so its perfectly fine!

Im sure theres some hidden web where hackers reside. I could steal..uh…whos the laptop will I steal..actually who even has one?

I bit my lip in frustration. I didn know who had a laptop and if I asked, it certainly would be suspicious.

I could sneak out of my room at night and access the computer that the maid showed me! I could disable the cameras with that computer. Alright, a plan is set! It will begin at night!


The sunset slowly and I sat in my room staring at the sky. I faked being sick in order not to go for dinner and my parents believed me.

Soon it turned dark and the lights in the house went off. I opened my eyes and sat up in my bed, before crawling over to the edge and landing on the carpet that was around my bed on two feet.

I push the door open slowly and thankfully it didn make any creaks.

Alright, I just need to have one hacker challenge me and I have my laptop! I need to set a bank account first though.

I silently tiptoed, feeling the cold floor under my feet. I shivered and I hastened my steps. I spotted a familiar door and I noticed it was the entrance to the room with the computer.

I push open the door and closed it slightly behind me, I was afraid I hear a click if I close it fully and I could get out easier if I just left a small crack, no one would notice in this darkness anyways.

I walked over to the computer and pulled out the black comfy leather chair.

I switch on the computer, tap some keys and broke through the password again.

I started typing at a fast speed, accessing the cameras and deleting the footage of me walking through the halls and turning off the camera in the room I was in. After that was done, I started searching for a crack between the websites.

37 minutes later


Found a crack! Alright, now I need to create a bank account. I went on the bank website and started creating an account for myself. Once that was done.

I went in the crack and boy, it was full. I suddenly put up a request for a challenge and that if I won, the person would give me $500,000 and that if I lose, I would give the winning person $700,000.

Im sure Father won mind me taking a few cash out of his bank account if lost anyways… It was pretty full anyway. Soon, someone decided to take up my challenge. I smirk and was excited to see the skills of the hackers in this world.


I…shouldn have seen the skills of the hackers in this world…

I had managed to beat the hacker in a few seconds and I got a notification that money had been transferred to my account. I was happy I won but I was visibly disappointed though.

The skills of that hacker could have been compared to a 2-day old hacker.

I shouldn have expected much…It was easy to break in here after all. The defence was something a kindergarten could make! I shake my head and exit the website. I stayed low, no one should have noticed me.

I thought confidently. I then went on a shopping website and searched for laptops, I ordered one and I decided to go for magic order as I didn want someone to ring the doorbell as I would be discovered in buying a laptop and how.

I stretched my hands and I smiled.

Looks like my work is done. I better go sleep now. I resume the cameras to their normal state and turned the computer off.

Ah…Now I have to sneak out of any cameras view..this will be troubling.

I sneak around the hallways, making sure to go for the cameras blind spots. I made it safely to my room.

As I shut the door, I breathed a sigh of relief. I walked to my bed and climbed onto it. Nestled in the soft blankets, I yawned and soon fell asleep with a smile on my face.

I will have a fun life here…

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