I really need to get a renovation now that Im living here…this will blind my eyes all the time. I look around at the pink room. I walked towards the door and push it open slowly.

I didn want to attract any noises that indicates Im leaving my room.

This might take a while…I think I should ask a maid instead if theres such thing as a computer or laptop here… I had been wandering around for an hour when I spotted a maid walking along.

I ran up to her and tugged her dress. She looks down and saw me. ”Oh My! Miss, what are you doing here? ” She asked as she bends down to look at me.

I blinked my eyes at her, ”Do you have a laptop or is there a computer around here? ” I held my breath and hope she wouldn ask what it was because it would tell me that they didn exist.

She put her hand up to her chin for a while before nodding. ”There is one in the house, do you wanna use it?? ” She said.

I nodded and she held out her hand, I took it and she led me to a room with a desk on it which had a computer on it. I smiled at her and thanked her.

She bowed and nodded before exiting the room. I went up to the computer and switch it on. There was a password on it but I scoff. A small thing like a password won stop me!

I hit some keys on the keyboard and some green numbers appear. I hit some keys again and the computer unlocked. I smiled, satisfied. Now…I should learn about the world Im in first…

I had searched up multiple things in the when, and I found out that there were many modern things here. There were such things as cars but the only weird thing I noticed was that there were such things as

This is weird…There was no such thing as royalty…in the country I lived in..perhaps I should look at the news? I quickly search up on the news and saw things as Commoner gets three attributes!

Attributes? What? What do they mean by attributes..? Now I was utterly confused.

Perhaps… I should ask mom and dad for information rather than searching it up…

I switch off the computer and got out of the room. I need to find my dads study…

I walked around for a while before I saw a brown oak door with a golden plate on it saying Study. I found it! I walked up to it and knocked on the door.

”Come in. ” A voice said. I push open the door and went in, noticing a desk filled up with piles of paper.

My dad hadn looked up and was still reviewing some documents. ”Daddy? ” He froze before looking up and seeing me. ”I want to ask some questions… Is that okay? ” I continued. ”Sure, sweetie. Come up here. ”

He gestured me to his lap and I walked to him with my arms stretched. He picked me up and put me on his knee. ”What do you wanna ask, sweetie? ” He asked.

”Daddy, what country are we living in? ” I asked. He froze and looked at me. ”You-you…don remember? ” I nodded and he started worrying. ”Oh no..might you have amnesia..? ”

He started mumbling.

”Sweetie, do you remember what happened before you woke up? ” I shook my head. ”I-i see. Anyways.. to answer your question. We are living in a country called Zuterra.

There are 4 other kingdoms and we are all currently on good terms. Here let me write it down for you. ” He picked up a piece of blank paper and started writing the kingdoms.


Human Kingdoms


Focused on farming and gathering resources that are used to trade with other kingdoms


Mainly focuses on magic and has many powerful mages in the kingdom.


A kingdom that focuses on technology. They depend on technology and magic mostly and are the most technological kingdom


Focused on physical training, They have many skilled archers and warriors.


Focused on scholars, they love reading books and discovering new things. They are very smart and intelligent. They rarely focus on magic and physical training but still do.


”Do you understand sweetie? ” He asked, looking at me. I looked at the paper, imprinting the information in my mind. I had a photographic memory so it was easy for me. Im surprised that this had transferred over to this life. There are many perks of this, but there are also lots of cons, such as being able to remember every part of your life, especially the traumatising parts.

”Theres magic? ” I said looking at him with bright and excited eyes. Oh my god! Magic! It sounds so exciting. Imagine all the things I could do!

He nods, smiling. ”Daddy, Daddy. Can I try to use magic?! ” His smile falters. ”Im afraid not, my dear. You have to wait 2 more years before you gained your attributes at the age of 9 which is your age of ceremony. Do you understand? ” I pouted.

There goes the chance of using magic….Wait..no! The mighty 88 doesn give up! There must be a way! ”Daddy, can you bring me to the library? I feel like reading. ” He looks at me surprised.

”You never liked reading though.. ” I interrupted. ”Well, I feel like going to the library so please bring me there! ” I said firmly, putting my hands on my hips with a determined expression on my face. He laughs and agreed to bring me to the library. I cheered silently.


My dad put me down on the library floor and told me to be careful and do other things that weren relevant to me. I nodded and he went off before shutting the door gently. I walked to the bookshelves and started looking at the sections.

Animals…plants…alchemy…Magic! I looked at the first five bookshelves at the lowest as I could only reach there. I pulled out a book which title How to use magic.

I pulled the book out and I landed on the ground as the book toppled out. It sure is dusty..it looks like it hasn been touched in a while. I opened the book and started reading.


Our bodies have veins that allow us to absorb mana in order to cast magic. There are many attributes and they are classified into 4 sections.





Those who get legendary attributes are mostly royals while commoners get mostly common attributes. If by lucky chance, they may get uncommon, rare or even legendary. But there is a very small chance of that happening. Nobles usually get uncommon and rare attributes. But if by unlucky chance, they may get common.

We can get multiple attributes but that is only possible among the royals and nobles. The most attributes we can get it up to 3.

We usually get our attributes by the age of 9 as our minds are more developed by then. It is also a painful process as we have to painfully force our veins to develop as it is not strong enough to withstand. Hence you will feel some pain which makes most people not want to absorb mana at an early age. Although, you can try to if you want to use magic eagerly.

In order to absorb mana, you must cross your legs and put your hands on your knees. You have to close your eyes and imagined as if you can see the mana belonging to an attribute floating around you. They are coloured by-

Common Attributes

Fire- Red

Water- blue

Wind- pale greyish white

Earth- yellowish-brown

Uncommon Attributes

Metal- Deep grey

Lighting- bright yellow

Ice – light blue

Lava – a mix of red and orange

Wood- brown

Rare Attributes

Darkness- Black

Light- Glowing white

Legendary Attributes

Magic- Rainbow

Can control all common and Uncommon elements

Appear every 1000 years


Nature- Green and brown halved

Can control all common elements, plants and animals.

Rareness: Appear every 1000 years


Void- Dark purple

Void is not only space and time but is also nothingness. Space and time are powerful enough, but with the addition of nothingness, it literally cancels out all other elements, with the exception of Creation. Make a loud room silent, repel the very air we breathe…endless possibilities. This is without mentioning space and time. Portals and teleportation, not to mention stopping time.

The only downside is if Void were to go against Creation, but even then Void would have space and time.

When people die, their souls go to the underworld. This is under normal circumstances. However, with Void, their souls would cease to exist.

Rareness: Appear every 10,000 years


Creation- Gold and White

The ability to create anything out of thin air using imagination.

Rareness: only appear every 50,000 years


Destruction- Black and White

The ability to destroy anything at will.

Rareness: Only appear every 70,000 years


Thats all, I bade you good luck.


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