I felt a blaring pain in my head and I groaned inwardly. I groggily opened my eyes.

My vision was clouded and it eventually began to clear and what I saw was an endless amount of pink. And that moment I froze.

Where am I? This isn my base nor my bedroom. Could I have been kidnapped when I fell asleep?! Did someone find out who I was? I panicked and I quickly look around.

For a while, fear-filled my eyes until I noticed something very peculiar.

If I was kidnapped… I would probably be in a darkroom rather than a pink room. From that conclusion, I decided to take my exploration to the next level.

I moved from under the covers and put my legs over the ledge of the bed when I noticed they were shorter than usual and very smooth and pale…I froze. This….isn my body, is it? Now I was in a panic.

I got off the bed in a hurry and found a mirror etched into the wall, I went to it and look at my reflection. I gasped, hands covering my open mouth.

I shakily lift my hand up to the mirror surface. Feeling a coolness on my fingertips as I touch it. This reflection was copying every move I did…which could only mean….that point, fear gripped me.

I kept walking backwards only having my steps falter as I fell onto my bump. I whimper and rubbed my sore bump, impact from the floor.

After comforting my bum. I got off again and walked towards the mirror, observing my new look when I felt a sudden suspicion rising in me.

I look slightly familiar…Im sure its nothing.., then I noticed my tiny body which made me horrified.


No no…This environment is not suited for me at all! Im an international world hacker and a famous assassin! This is not a place I should be in! Long gone was the fit body I was so proud of.

My well developed 6 pack muscles that did not lessen my female features and charms, and not lacking in strength. But now…I was in a petite body with no muscles, I lost the 6 packs I worked so hard for. And my arms were as skinny as spinach! This body is terrible!

I stared at myself in the mirror. Turned to one side and another, observing my body. Suddenly, I heard the door open.

I whipped my head in the direction of the noise and I was greeted with a pair of green eyes, displaying shock. She was wearing a maid outfit and her auburn hair was tied into a bun. ”Oh my god! I must tell madam and sir! ”

She exclaimed, she dropped her tray on the floor which made a loud clang and all the food and drink split onto the cool marble floor and rush out of the room. Wait…what? DONT JUST DROP THE TRAY! MY FLOOR! HEY!

Just then, I heard a lot of thumps and came in a beautiful woman with silky, long white hair and grey eyes, who came up to me and threw her arms around me. And a handsome man with raven black hair and spectacles adorning his red ruby eyes then came in and rush to me and hugged me.

The woman let go of me and I could see her grey eyes were full of tears. ”Oh…My baby girl is awake..are you feeling alright dear? ” She grasp my face and look at it, turning it left and right.

”That feels uncomfortable…ouch.. ” I winced in pain as she squeezed my cheeks a bit too hard.

”Sorry, sweetie! I didn mean to… ” She frantically apologized. I turned around to look at the man behind me.

He had red eyes which were full of worries. I concluded that this woman must be the mother while the man must have been this originals host Father.

”Im fine Daddy. You don need to be worried about me. ” I said looking at him. He widened his eyes at me. ”Da-daddy? ” He stuttered. ”My daughter called me Daddy! Oh my god! ”

He suddenly picks me up and spins me around. I got really dizzy and I fell to the ground as soon as he put me down. If only he knew his daughter wasn alive anymore..

My mother then scolded my dad after this and they left my room as they had matters to attend to.

Now that they had left, I went up to my bed and laid down again, staring at the ceiling. Hopefully, this is the modern era…because if it isn …I will be officially mad…

I got off my bed and looked down at my attire. I was in a nightgown. I look around before I spotted a door, I went up to it with stubby little legs and pushed it open.

It was surprisingly light and I managed to push it with ease.

Then…came my horror. The closet was filled with frilly dresses in all hot pink colours. I was horrified. Yeah sure, they may look nice and fancy to others.

But I despise dresses! It just gives the chance of a male looking up your dress. And I couldn squat because of it. I walked around the walk-in closet when I saw a suitable skirt and shirt, even though their design were rather… a bit over the top? But compared to the others… they were the best choice. Adding on, I also noticed that most of the dresses had a modern look to them.

Now that I think about it. My mom was wearing a dress that look quite similar to how a mermaid dress looked back in my previous life as well as my dad, who was wearing a three piece suit.

I pulled on the bright pink shirt with a unicorn imprinted on it and pulled on a pink frilly skirt with yellow stars in it. Alright…this should be good. I should explore the house now.

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